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Day 50 “Anzac Day” (Thursday 25th April 2013)

Today was Anzac day so when I woke up, I ate the free breakfast before getting ready and heading out with Helen and Catherine (she was a German lady with dyed red hair and she had checked me in on my first day in the hostel) to the parade just on from Hyde Park. Toni had checked out this morning and was heading to Asia so now it was just 4 English boys and a German girl in my 8 bedroom dorm. Anyway Helen, Catherine and I had arranged to meet David who was already at the park and I was also going to meet Preston (the guy I met on my first night in Sydney- he took my picture from the Harbour Bridge) so I dragged the 2 girls along with me. After we had Preston and then David the 5 of us walked down the road to see the parade coming through.

Preston was running out of money and has a job and girlfriend back home so was thinking about leaving Australia so I was going through the options with him… This was off as only about 7 weeks into the travel I felt like a veteran. While I was talking Helen and Catherine were enjoying looking at the guys in uniform, while David took some photos. Jo then arranged to meet us and while she was talking to Preston I was taking a fair few photos and the odd video.

After the parade finished about 1pm Preston headed back to his hostel with the intention of moving to ours, the rest of us headed to the shops to fix Catherine’s phone. On route we were given a card for free entry and cheap drinks to a club at 4pm so to kill the time we thought we’d go for some drinks in the park. First we bought some cheap booze from the liquorland attached to Coles as well as a cheapish ($4.50 and $5) chicken nuggets/ goujons and chips then went to Hyde park. Catherine then went off with some other friends while Jo, David, Helen and I chilled in the park. The weather was pretty nice today and we sat in the sun for a few hours talking, drinking and eating. Before we knew it we realised it was an hour into the cheap drinks at the club we had the card for so we rushed off to look for it.

Something I discovered is that the street names also have the shop numbers underneath the name so you know which way to head down a road. Even so we got a bit lost but eventually got to the roof top bar (we almost weren’t allowed in because David has lost his wallet before coming to Australia so only had a copy of his passport for ID) where there was a swimming pool and we then realised the card had said pool party! It was now heading to the end of the 2 hours of cheap drinks so we bought a couple each and went looking for a table. The bar was so posh and nice looking making us all feel a little underdressed (more so than when I was at Naked for Satan with Hannah and Mick a few weeks ago) but we stayed to soak up the atmosphere and take some photos. I had a really good time there and it was something a bit different but once the drinks were finished the 2 girls headed off to go shopping quickly, while David and I held back a bit so I could finish my drink. (bit slow I am! – some things never change)

On the walk back we saw some people playing chess in the park so watched them for a bit before getting back to the hostel. With the four of us reunited we decided to carry on drinking ready for the pub crawl tonight and none of us ate anything substantial because eating is cheating. We meet Mark, Mitch and Nick (another long termer) on the roof so stayed with them drinking for a good couple of hours but were only allowed on one side. The other side had a BBQ for people that had booked a package usually through the Australian Backpackers. We asked for some leftovers and were given a sausage or 2 each but it didn’t really fill me up! When the BBQ had finished we went to the bigger half of the roof top and played ‘Ring of Fire’ drinking game which descended into chaos but a good and funny drunk chaos. So many people joined in with us and I really am starting to feel like a familiar friendly face around the hostel. Stuart an American who has been here a while (he looks a bit like Clint Dempsey, who plays football for Spurs so we have nick named him Clint) some other people he knew as well as some German girls all joined in.

After the game ended we head to go and get showered and ready for the night out… Back in the room the German girl and English lads were asked by Helen (who had come to see if I was ready) if they wanted to come out… Barbara (the German girls name) agreed to come out but the 4 English boys didn’t want to and instead peer pressured me into finishing my drink in one. This is where the night began for me… Now pretty drunk I headed off with David who had waited for me to get ready while everyone else including Barbara, Helen, Jo, Mark and Stuart (Mitch was too drunk and had stayed back at the hostel) had gone to the first bar.

At the first bar I got a free drink but was really in the mood to dance so got my groove on and really went for it on the dance floor. For some reason David took his top off and danced like a mad man and soon got asked to put his clothes back on! I continued to drink and dance as much as I could while also speaking to some familiar faces. Helen was intent on getting a photo with a guy in uniform (Anzac day means anyone with a forces uniform wears it I think) and managed it much to the jealously of the guys girl mate who instantly ran over and kissed him. (I don’t think they were a couple she just wanted to stake her claim (also in uniform but kissed other guys later that evening) I managed to get some people together for a pretty big group photo and the organiser (who gave me the free entry and free drink) also took some. After a while Mark helped clear a circle (my manic dancing helped make it too) and one by one, starting with me people entered the circle to do some crazy moves while people around the edge clapped… It was an amazing experience started by Mark and myself! I had two goes in the middle and was having a great time! Loads of people from the hostel saw it and thought I was funny and a bit of a legend, I’ll take that! I also made a little fan club of a couple of people just randomly on a night out and one in particular wanted me to dance with him and his mates but all being guys it was only for a bit of banter… I still agreed in my drunk state and the guys were actually well alright so I tried setting them up with the girls from the hostel.

The group then moved on to the second bar (just next door) so I tried to round up some people but ended up losing the people that rounded me up. I then tried to queue jump a few times but kept being sent to the back of the queue. One thing I did manage to get from my friends was my bracelet back… I didn’t even know I’d lost it but I was pleased Stuart had picked it up and Helen realised it was mine. I was in the queue with Barbara but she wanted to go back to the other club so I soon found myself alone so once in the club I went looking for people. This club is bigger and people tend to split up more so when I did find people they were different from who I was looking for… In the club I also decided I wanted a drink but had no cash and the minimum spend was $20 on card so I decided to buy 4 drinks for $5 each! (hostel discount) I tried to give David a drink when I saw him at the bar but he didn’t want it so down’d one and text Helen as I found a table. I managed to find a seat but was pretty drunk and still had a few drinks. Luckily Mark and a couple of his friends walked past so I gave him a drink and another one to this German girl so just had the one left, which I drank while sitting with them. Marks friends then bought a teapot of shots (this clubs speciality) and shared them with me. (As if I needed more alcohol) After this my memory is a little hazy but I remember going for a dance and seeing Jo as well as my fan club from the previous club and the German girl I sat with was with me too. For the rest of the night I didn’t see anyone else I knew so I figured they must have gone home (I even remember going back to the first club to check and couldn’t see anyone) and at about 2:30am I called it a night but Jo stayed out with a random. The German girl then decided to walk me back and thankfully she did because I wanted to stop every 5 steps for a rest but she stopped me… As I may not have wanted to get back up!

I remember checking in the Irish Bar O’Marleys on the way to the hostel but there was no one in there I knew. We eventually made it back to the hostel and my room where I collapsed on the floor and thanked the German girl. I had woken everyone in the room including Barbara who had come back earlier… But I did find out the following morning it was funny rather than annoying. I couldn’t make it to my bed despite trying, so I ended up sleeping on the floor. (a guy in the room chucked me a duvet and pillow) It was a great day and I had had a decent evening too… Passed out on the floor I slept until about 8am the next morning. 🙂


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