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Day 49 “Shopping” (Wednesday 24th April 2013)

For some reason although I wake up at 9am for the free breakfast I don’t seem to leave the hostel until about 2pm. Not sure what I do in between other than chat to people and get ready. That said half the fun of being in a hostel is socialising with the people but I also came to Australia to see the sights as well so I always like to do something. Today I went to see Sydney’s Westfield (shopping centre) as I still need this damn beard trimmer- the facial hair isn’t looking to pretty at the moment!

Anyway Helen wasn’t about today I think she was trying to sort out getting a job but Jo, David and I decided to go out before Jo had to go to work. (she has a job in a bar not far from the hostel but has to work some crazy hours- 7pm til 5am) Jo and I wanted to go shopping and David was coming with us but planned to write his CV first before joining us. Jo needed some new work clothes and me some things (flip flops) so we looked around at clothes and shoes first. Jo went in a lot of girly shops so I had to pretend I was her boyfriend rather than a weirdo looking in girls shops! She actually late that day said my advise and helpfulness was good for a guy and she would willingly shop with me again in the future. (considering Jo is female and there’s a cliché that surrounds women loving to shop, she hates it [which is how I feel about it too] but she appreciated having me there)

While she tried thing on in one of the shops I walked around looking at other clothes/ shoe shops but I didn’t buy anything and ended up texting Luke again while I waited. After the girly shopping in which Jo bought some work clothes (none of the ones I helped pick!) We headed to Myer to see if I could get a beard trimmer. I spent so long looking that Jo went for a wander on one of the other 4 floors! David had finished his CV and rang me then came to find us… after deciding not to get a trimmer again (much to Jo and David’s dismay) we had to head back to the hostel as Jo had work soon.

On route home we stopped at IGA supermarket as I though it would be cheaper than Coles but this one wasn’t but David and I still bought some bits for our dinner. Jo had now gone back without us as it had taken so long for us to find good and cheap meals… I settled for omelette with ham, cheese (that I had bought off a girl in the hostel for about $4 for a big block. The person selling it just got know as Cheese Girl but I later found out her name was Katrina) peas and sweet corn while David went for potatoes so he could mash them with some canned chicken mayonnaise. Back at the hotel we began to cook and my food turned more into scrammed eggs with things in it because omelette was too hard to cook in the pans when it stuck and the gas wasn’t even! Anyway when my sick looking meal was cooked it actually tasted pretty good and Helen was in the kitchen area too so I chatted to her while I ate.

After dinner Helen went out with some other girls and I decided go off to write my diary because David wanted an early night. When I got back to the room the new English boys were sitting in the corridor all looking bored so I suggested playing cards. They agreed and because we were by all of the rooms (I think the hostel has 15 rooms) people kept joining in while we played and the game kept getting bigger, we ended up having about 12 people play including Helen and her girl mates who got back from there night out. I had a really good evening and enjoyed playing cards with more mates that this time that were from my room. 🙂


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