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Day 48 “Using the Travel Card” (Tuesday 23rd April 2013)

Unfortunately for the diary’s sake the last week has been so good- I have made loads of friends in Sydney and then begun a road trip to Perth with my cousin Mick. Starting with Sydney we were always busy in the day with little plans and then most evenings it was more social to drink and play cards than write a diary, plus they were late nights so I really didn’t feel up to it however what you need to know is I had such a great time and agreed to go back to the same hostel before I start my east coast tour. Once I left Sydney and headed to Melbourne it was all go… First a 12 hour coast journey that I though would be perfect to write this but I ended up texting people and trying to sleep which was a nightmare. Then since meeting Mick we have been sharing the driving on this massive road trip and I haven’t had too much spare time until tonight although I do feel a bit anti social. (He’s on Facebook etc so its all good) Even with the above excuse I will write some vague diary entries for each day but don’t expect them to be as detailed as the others (probably for the best!)

When I woke up I knew that it was the last day that I could use the free (I’d already paid for) public transport ticket so I decided to try and make the most of it by going somewhere quite far out on transport I hadn’t used. David and Helen, Becky and Jo were going to do there own thing today which meant it was perfect for me to go out and explore again. (Toni had her own plans today and the 2 German girls and boys left my room today but there’s now 4 lads from England and a new German girl in my room)

After breakfast, speaking to my new friends, getting ready and chilling for a bit, I decided to go and get the monorail in Sydney (as people advised it was a good way to look around) but it turned out my ticket was for the light rail rather than the monorail so I just went to one end and came back on my ticket. (maybe I should have checked out a few places but I had no idea what was at each place and because it had taken a while to leave the hostel I didn’t wanna get stuck in the middle of no where) The journey only took about 25 mins to one end and on the way back (I was texting Luke my friend back in England) I got off at Darling harbour because I’ve wanted to see it for a while now. The harbour itself is beautiful and I took a fair few photos before walking around it towards the ferry. (Another use for my ticket before it expired tomorrow) I had to wait a bit for the ferry but it was sunset as it left to bring me back to circular quay (I did plan to take the ferry away from the city a bit but time had pressed on so I didn’t bother in the end) which meant I got more photos of the bridge and opera house. Only this time I managed to get them in the same photo because of the direction I was coming home. I also sent Mum a Skype message using the free Wi-Fi on the ferry!

Back at the quay and I got the train back to the hostel, I seem to have learned that journey home well but I wouldn’t be using the train from tomorrow onwards… Oh well always useful in case I get another MyMulti in the future, but from tomorrow it would be more about the walking. From the train station and on the walk to the hostel I stopped off at dominos pizza because they have money off pizza on a Tuesday which meant it was only about $6 for a large one! Went I got back to the hostel I met Becky, Helen, David, Jo and Alex (an English guy in Helens room) so we went to the roof for a drink and for me to eat. (Mitch joined us for a bit too) We also finished off the cake we bought for Emma the other day before a few of us went to Coles for more drink but when when we returned the roof was shutting and I lost the rest of the pizza I was saving for tomorrow’s lunch! Gutted! (David had bought up cheese, crackers and grapes early which I had eaten along with the others so it wasn’t all bad)

When the roof shut we went back to social area and played cards while continuing to drink… Soon Becky called it a night as she was heading to New Zealand tomorrow early (I felt bad because I didn’t known it was her last night) then 2 German girls came back from a night out and 1 joined in our card games despite being drunk but when some other English guys came back from the pub her intentions changed and she went off with them. The rest of the night was just spent talking and playing cards before we headed off to bed once some other people in the room put on a horror film! 🙂


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