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Day 47 “Watson’s Bay” (Monday 22nd April 2013)

When I woke up this morning I went straight down for breakfast feeling a little worse for wear after the lack of sleep. I made some toast and there were loads of people I knew in the kitchen and seating area that I knew so we all had a long chat about our day plans. I was going to head to Watson’s bay because I wanted to get the most out of MyMulti the travel card I had where as Helen, David, Becky and Jo were going to go to Bondi  beach. Another English guy who I know but not his name was talking about both saying how nice they were but I’m not sure what he was doing today and Toni (the new girl in my room) said she might be going Crab racing tonight! Helen, Toni and this other guy are all from Manchester so the convo turned to that city back home so I decided to go and get ready.

I wanted to do some more diary but thought it best to leave early and find a nice view to do some more diary when outside. So I packed up my things and headed to Kings cross station, from there I got the trains to circular quay. (I’m getting quite good at the change over now and tend not to get lost so much/ at all) When at the quay I found the ferry to Watson’s bay which was leaving in 5 minutes, perfect timing! (unlikely the Manly one I caught the other day) The journey over was only 20 minutes and I spoken to Mick on the phone for part of this to find out his plan of Perth, because he’s happy to stop on route I said I’m happy to go with him, so I now need to book a cheap way back to Melbourne. (lets hope this change of plans is worth it… Not many people get to see the south and west coasts and being with Mick should make it a laugh anyway)

Once in Watson’s bay I checked out the map of the area and the Manchester guy this morning had told me roughly where to go, I was aiming to find the beach walk. However I didn’t look at the ferry timetable which proved to be a mistakes for late, I did see the famous fish and chip shop though but it was only about 12:30 and I wasn’t really too hungry plus it was expensive! As I made my way to the beach walk I realised the beach was near the harbour and small, I would actually need to do a cliff walk in order to see the pretty sites of Watson’s bay. As I walked across to the other side of the bay (it was only about a 3 minute walk across it) I saw the path upwards and took some postcard worth photos. From the map I had realises there was a dead end on the right so I headed that way first because it went really high and gave a spectacular view of the Sydney centre skyline, Harbour Bridge and the town in Watson’s bay. Although a dead end, it was quite a walk and I had built up an appetite by the time I got back to the start point (a T path) so I head back down to find a backpackers cafe. (otherwise know as a supermarket because its so much cheaper than buying ready made food) There wasn’t any places near by so I decided to trial the famous fish and chips despite the price. It was so popular I queued and waited a while before I got my box, which I took along the beach and sat on a wall to enjoy it. I found it delicious and there was so much battered fish in the box… Not sure which one though and plenty of chips. It also came with a plum and chilli drip which I found nice to start but then a bit too sweet. All in all a decent lunch and it was something different. (Plus the view I got out of the bay while eating was pretty special)

After my food I took a slightly different route back to the cliff walk and this time headed right, it was a steep walk but gave some great view over the bay, I was taking photos almost every other step. As I continued the walk I saw some lizards so I had to take a photo… I even saw one catch a flying ant which had landed but then the lizard couldn’t fit it in its mouth so amused I watched that for a while. The sun was out in full force now and it was a lovely hot day but walking, especially up hill and stopping in the heat to look at the lizard had taken its toll so I went in search of a shaded bench. While on route for a bench I realised the short cliff walk ended but I bumped into am America who say a marker had been placed near by because of one of the boats at Watson’s bay had sunk claiming all but 1 persons life. I found that plack with her, took a photo before carrying on up the hill now on my own unofficial walk and the American headed back to a coach right at the end of the official cliff walk. I soon found another path that may have been the start of another walk but there was a bench there in the shade with a nice view out to sea, so I stopped there to get back some energy and write my diary.

I had stopped by what looked like a cool radar weather station so I took a photo of that before enjoying the break, I also rang Luke my friend back in the UK to find out how he was and we had a decent chat before he started work. After my stop I headed up to a lighthouse (for a photo) not far from where I was and realised this new walk went on further but it didn’t look as nice plus it was getting towards 5pm anyway so I headed back to the harbour. I decided to take my own route there which was much quicker than the walk I’d just done but back at the harbour I realised the last ferry was at 3:50pm so I’d missed it by over an hour. In a slight panic I thought I’d have to walk to the next ferry stop (52 minutes according to Google maps) as that had more frequent ferry’s. But then I remembered the bus and another couple had missed the Ferry to so I showed them the bus stop.

The bus we got on was going to circular quay (exactly where I needed to go coincidentally) so I stayed on for the full route which took about an hour while the couple I was with got after after a few stops. During the bus trip I text Helen to check where she was and she was still in Manly so I decided to get the ferry over to meet them. I also looked up bus, train and flight information to try and find the cheapest route back to Melbourne. Flying for $80 still seems like the most convenient and cheapest option unless I wanted to do an overnight bus trip for $60. I need to book the flight soon though as its this Saturday. Back at the quay and off the bus, the ferry to Manly was leaving in 10 minutes, not bad timing either. Now 6:30pm and on the ferry I decided to write some of my diary… Somehow I’m managing to keep somewhere near up to date.

The journey didn’t seem to take too long and wasn’t to rough either and in Manly I headed for the bar that David, Helen, Becky and Jo were at. They were all about half way through a drink so I decided to just sit with them and talk about what we planned for the rest of the even amongst other things. It transpired that we had missed the barbeque on the roof tonight which should have been free food and drink so we were gutted. We then planned to get some alcohol for an evening drink back at the hostel so after the drink we headed to a bottle’o (off licence) where the girls bought things as David and I already had some booze back at the backpackers. Then on the way back to the ferry we aimed to go shopping but Aldi was shut so we headed to Coles only to realise we wouldn’t get back to the hostel in time, before it closed at 9:30pm. I decided not get anything as I had some grapes and biscuits back in my room and David was going to get a take away. But everyone else got snacks that didn’t need cooking. On route to the ferry (we missed one by 5 minutes- hence we had time to shop but heading there again now) I got a 30¢ coin or 20p from McDonalds and to be honest is was pretty good especially for the price.

The journey back over the water went quite quick as well, David and I sat inside with the girls opting to be outside. Once back at the quay I decided to get the train back to the hostel to make the most of my travel ticket while the other 4 walked. (I did feel bad not walking with them but part of me thought I could get back before the kitchen closed) After my train rides I realised I wasn’t going to make it back in time but at least I’m pretty good at catching the right trains now! In the hostel the kitchen was closed so I headed to my room but bumped into the 2 German girls sitting on the floor outside. They were waiting for the BBQ to finish on the roof before heading up there. I dropped my things down got my food and sat with them before heading up to the roof together. Turns out the gas ran out on the BBQ and only about 10 sausages were cooked… I now didn’t feel as bad that we had missed it. Just before I went up to the roof I saw David and Helen separately but not Becky or Jo and from the roof I text David to let him know I was up there but only he came up… It later came to light that all the girls fancied an early night rather than drinking like we arranged meaning it was just me and David from about 10:30pm onwards.

The roof shuts at this time so we went to the social room which was dead so David went for his takeaway while I spoke to people in the stairs area and corridor. When David returned he ate his burger and joined me in the corridor with some other German girls. (there are a lot of Germans staying here) The 3 girls were nice to speak to and we chatted (about there plans, our plans, what they’ve done since being here, Facebook and one girl added me and their boyfriends back home because one girl was dating the other girls brother and that how the 2 girls knew each other- The other was a new German who had arrived today) until 2am when the girls went to bed… David and I stayed up til about 3am when I saw a room mate just coming home, it was his last night in Sydney so had gone to the casino. David and I had been talking about the Man United game on at 5am and David stayed up to watch it but I went to bed at the same time as my room mate. Once in the room he turned on the light waking everyone in there so I told him how could do that but had the giggles that he apparently always does it! After  turning the light out and then cleaning my teeth, I got into bed and called it a night… But of an odd day today, started off well but had a funny middle patch before all coming together nicely. 🙂


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