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Day 46 “How very English” (Sunday 21st April 2013)

I managed to miss breakfast this morning by a few minutes, I remember waking up at 7:30 thinking breakfast is at 8 but I had two hours until it was over. I then rolled over and didn’t wake up again until 9:35 so I didn’t bother leaving my bed and thought I’d just sleep some more. By the time I woke up the new girl in the bunk above me was just stirring to so we started to chat without ever seeing each other, she sounded really friendly but quite young. We chatted for some time before she got down from the bunk and I finally saw her. She was from Manchester, was 25 and was a slim blonde nothing like what I had imagined from just the voice. While she got ready I was writing (typing) my diary and then she left to go to Australian X-factor as her Oz friend had got her a ticket, which gave me chance and I finished off the day I was writing about.

Once I had done this it was now about 2pm and I headed into the social room where I happened to bump into Helen, Emma and David. The four of us wanted to do something today and it was quite a nice day so Helen said we should go to a cafe and Emma suggested going to play cards in the park. We all agreed on cards and strolled down the road to Hyde Park at the end of the street, during this walk I got a phone call from Mick asking if I wanted to travel from Melbourne to Perth in his car. This would mean flying back to Melbourne and then taking about 10 days to drive to Perth and from there I’d be on my own as Mick plans on working while I explore… Its something to consider but might be too rushed if Mick wants to get there for the job. After the call and at Hyde Park we sat on some steps and played 31’s. (We played the Dutch rules first- from what Emma was telling us and afterwards we played the Australian rules via me because Vanessa had taught me the other week) After that we had a game of cheat and then a games of something random where you pass cards in a circle, one by one trying to make 4 of a kind and when you do u put your hand down and stack hands, last one to do it loses. As the sun went down and we were getting bored of cards we headed back to the hostel.

The 2 girls went into the hostel while David and I went up to Coles on the way back from the park and bought a cake for Emma as it was her last day today also David got a ready meal lasagne. When we got back David and I both bought extra nights stays at the hostel (I’m now there until Thursday morning) and then he cooked his food as the girls were eating and I waited for Ben to appear because he was cooking my dinner tonight. After David, Emma and Helen had eaten, us 2 lads severed up the cake and the 2 girls loved the surprise. Ben then appeared and cooked up some pasta with cheese and tomato sauce and sausage which was really nice. (he also cooked for his friend Tom tonight who was a decent bloke as well). Emma left for Melbourne (she was going by bus) while I was eating and said good bye but Becky (the new girl from yesterday) had now become part of our group and the new 4 of us said we would go to the pub tonight to watch the English Football. (It would be on at 10:30pm which is much better than the usually 12am)

We watched TV for a bit before heading to the pub at about 8:30 thinking the game was at 9:30pm Sydney time (thanks Helen) and just as the 4 of us left I thought we better invite Jo, the girl I was with yesterday. I went back to the hostel while the others went to the pub but couldn’t find Jo however Mitch said he would come down for one. At the bar I ordered a Tooey’s New which was tasted pretty good and was only $6.40 (cheap for Australia) but it then dawned on us we were there a bit early for the 10:30pm kick off! Oh well it was good to socialise with Becky, Helen, Mitch and David and we all had another drink before the game. Mitch then left and we chatted some more about travel and families and sport before the game started. During the game we were still talking a bit and I was the only person that wanted City to beat Spurs. (Arsenal could finish 3rd if Chelsea and Spurs drop a couple of points and we don’t lose)

The pub we were in advertised showing all 380 premier league games but we found out it closed at 12am so at half time (11:30pm ish) we moved to another bar up the hill (after we tried the one at the bottom and it was closed) and watched the second half there. This bar had a man singing songs of the 90’s which was fairly entertaining and we got another drink (well I didn’t because I was trying to conserve money) then watches the game. Spurs scored 3 quick goals and won the game so everyone was pretty happy apart from me but I’m glad I’ve watched the beautiful English game while I’m out here. While is this pub and during the game one guy playing on a punch bag machine thought I was talking about him (clearly he’d had too many because I was chatting to David) so got annoyed and pushes me but his friend calmed him down and apologised to me.

After the game finished we were heading back to the hostel when Helen said she wanted to stay out for some more drinks. We turned around and headed into Kings Cross’ main bar area but after a look around (and trying to find an open bottle shop/ off-licence) we decided we should go back to the pub we were at. Back at the Irish bar, O’Marleys we enjoyed the music and each others company plus as a bonus the Liverpool v Chelsea was on TV. We stayed in the bar until it closed at about 2am but still didn’t want the night to end so went back to the hostel to play cards.

Back at the hostel’s social room (which was empty) I went and got my vodka and brought some down for everyone, we turned on the Liverpool game and played 31’s again. We played for about 40 minutes before Helen called it a night and only about 10 minutes later when the Liverpool v Chelsea game had finished Becky, David and myself went to bed which was around 3am. I had had another great day and I really like the group of friends I’ve made… They all leave soon though and I could go to Perth, so I’d be sleeping on that decision. 🙂


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