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Day 45 “Walk and Talk” (Saturday 20th April 2013)

This morning I got up just in time to get some breakfast at 9:30am which was coco pops which made a nice change. I then had a shower and got ready into warm clothes because it was raining and I didn’t have a rain coat. I then had to decide what to do today but first went to the social room to try and write some of my diary. In the social room I must have written about 2 sentences when the girls from yesterday came into the room and we all made conversation again.

The girls names where Helen (an English girl from Manchester who turned out to be 30 and I couldn’t believe it) and Emma (a girl from Holland) but today were joined by 2 new girls, one called Jo who seems really friendly and the other I didn’t get her name but she had landed in Australia this morning! (Both of which were English) We all spoke about how anti social this place was which made me happy because it had taken me a while to settle in but at least I wasn’t the only person whom thought they. The girls also said other hostels were better and this isn’t what I should expect on my travels. We spoke about other things too like backgrounds, prices of things here and where to go etc. Mitch and Mark then came into the room (the first 2 guys I really spoke to and were a good laugh) some all spoken some more… It was really good to chat and especially because it was raining and I didn’t really wanna do much.

Helen, Emma and a new girl (who had landed in Oz today) then headed out and Jo and I stayed back with Mitch and Mark eating some of the free food that had been left. The conversation then moved on to travel and we all spoke about the routes we had done or planned to do. Quite a few people crowded the map in the social room including a German couple and another pretty girl that I don’t known where she was from and we all spoke about cool places to see or do. After some more socialising and the time about 4:30 I then mentioned I needed a beard trimmer and Jo had some shopping to do so we decided to go to Oxford street just a 10 minute walk from the hostel. As I was leaving I bumped into David who said he was going to do the Rocks walk tonight and did I want to join him, I agreed which meant I had just over an hour to go shopping.

Jo and I walked and talked to Oxford street and went in a few shops looking for a beard trimmer but the only ones we found were to expensive and not really what I needed anyway but as we had walked slowly chatting I already had to head back leaving Jo shopping on her own. She had work later tonight so couldn’t come on the Rock’s walk. Back at the hostel David and I started our walk down to Sydney quay where the rocks is. After about 30 minutes and slightly late for the start of the tour we made got to the quay but couldn’t see the tour. I then proceeded to Google the route so we could catch up but it wasn’t available online! David and I just walked around looking for it and after 40 minutes were about to give up and headed into a pub to look for them from the rooftop bar… No such luck but as we came down the stairs the Irish bloke: David saw a walking tour heading down the stairs behind the bar and it was the right one! Only about 45 minutes late onto the 1 and a half hour tour we decided to do the last half with Helen, Emma and the other girl.

The rain held off for the rest of the tour (which went around some [there is a longer tour twice during the day- 3 hours] of the sights plus views of ‘The Rocks’ talking about the start of Sydney, the pubs that were built first and the terrible journeys of the convicts) which finished at the bottom on the stairs that take you up to the walking part of Sydney Harbour Bridge. (which I had struggled to find on my first day in Sydney) After the tour the 5 of us headed back to the hostel and picked up some food from Coles supermarket on route. I got a pizza then Helen remembered that the oven wasn’t working at the hostel so as we arrived back I decided to cook it in the microwave. The others had a pasta pesto dish but I had declined it because I was meant to have Ben cooking for me tonight. However he remembered that he was going for a meal tonight with the company (Australia Backpackers) he had booked though, (they organise a phone, bank account, job, Medicare, tax, few nights accommodation and activities such as blue mountains and meals out… All for a price of course) so would cook tomorrow instead.

Once I’d finished my semi raw pizza and the other 4 had eaten too I went back to my bedroom because the social area looked a bit busy. Back in the room I started to chat with the couple of girls and boys in our room having a very funny conversion despite there English not being the best. (All four people were German) at about midnight we decided to all call it a night and I got into the bed. I did get woken a few time (but that’s usually me waking people so I wasn’t too bothered when the tables were turned) but got straight back to sleep and I think it was my earliest night so far at the hostel. 🙂


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