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Day 44 “Manly” (Friday 19th April 2013)

Today I woke up at about 9am and went down for the pancakes that were meant to be served until 9:30 but when I got there I found out they had stopped due to popular demand meaning they ran out. Oh well warm UHT milk and cornflakes for me then. I then got ready to go out to Manly beach again using my special ticket which leave me other on the ferry.

I caught the train fine to circular quay (I say fine I still get a bit lost at Town Hall station) then headed to the Manly ferry which I had just missed so I decided to wonder around the quay side until the next ferry arrived. Now a bit hungry I sat at a nice bench which overlooked the the Sydney Harbour bridge. I then wandered back to the ferry and began the 30-40 minute voyage across the sea, at points it was a little bumpy but I did managed to take some photos of the opera house and bridge as well as some scenery shots.

When I arrived at Manly I followed a short walk past some shops and came to a beautiful beach, not sure which I prefer now Bondi  or Manly but this beach seemed bigger and had less people on it. I found a bench half way down a path and away from the main walk, that was in the sun and looked out to sea. Here I ate my lunch and enjoyed the tranquil setting before I decided to find a free activity to do in Mainly.

The best thing I could find was a free art gallery so I decided to follow my nose rather than rely on Google maps. (they say the best things get found when you’re lost) I did occasionally check I was heading the right way but I found this walk to be pretty mundane… It was through a house estate but at least it was off the beat and track. It also came out at a bowls green and park but then I had go head up a massive hill and down the other side to get to the art gallery. The Art gallery was next to another beach which sat beside the harbour of Manly but they was no one on the sand or in the sea however by now the weather had worsened and was quite cold and windy with overcast skies. The perfect time to head into the gallery. It was strange and set into 3… The beach section where some guy had taken photos of nostalgic beach items… Is that art?! (This room also displayed the progress of swim wear for men and women from the 40’s to the 00’s) The next section was a school competition where young and old students had draw pictures relating to everyone being equal. In my opinion the best area, some of the drawing was top draw, with epic pictures of shaking hands and world’s of country landmarks, even the junior school pictures seemed crazy good! The last section was about the Jewish holocaust but it was more about the reading than art, so I rushed round and found a bonus small room of pottery the gallery had bought, some of it was pretty fascinating.

When I finished in the art gallery I walked along the path of the beach near by, taking some photos as I do and headed to check the ferry times, I wanted to head back to the circular quay at 5:15 each so I could see the sun set over the bridge and opera house. Luckily there was one at this time but it meant I had an hour left on manly so I looked in a few shops (for a beard trimmer… It really is getting out of hand now) and went for a stroll on the beach.

While relaxing the time flew past and I headed back to the ferry and managed to find myself a slightly strange but friendly lady who told me all sorts about her life in Australia, she was originally from Japan but moved over loads of years ago when there was an offer. While crossing choppy waters we waited behind a screen (still got a bit wet though with the bouncing the ferry did) then headed onto the deck ready to take some photos. I must now have hundreds of pictures of the opera house and bridge but I at least now had them with a lovely orange background something I had wanted to do since I had been here.

Back at the quay I headed to the hostel via train and on the walk from the station I stopped to pick up some food to cook at the hostel. I grabbed some chicken mince, bacon ‘style’ pieces, pasta and a carbonara sauce. Back at the hostel I started to cook it and realised I was doing too much but thankfully Ben, a guy I know at the hostel came down so I said we could half it if he cooked for me another day. He agreed and we are the meat which I had made… It was pretty tasty considering my lack of cooking in the past and we ate it all between us. After dinner I went to the social/ TV room and chatted with some more people and watch TV with them, it was quite a good group of us down there so we all decided to watch a film. ‘The Boat that Rocked’ was what we wanted but it was so scratched it didn’t work so I suggested the toothpaste trick but it didn’t work on the disc. (just made it minty fresh) So in the end we watched Kill Bill volume two and I tried to write some diary. When it finished everyone went to bed so I did the same which was around 1am. 🙂


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