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Day 43 “Bondi Beach” (Thursday 18th April 2013)

Today I woke up at 6am because the girl next to me woke up at 6am she was packing and getting ready to leave by the looks of things. I went back to sleep but was up each half hour or so until 8:30 when I got up and went down for the free breakfast. There was toast, cornflakes, tea and coffee on offer so I had 2 slices of jam toast which i you make yourself and then was up after ur done. I then came back to the room and packed my bag for in preparation to go to Bondi Beach, I have subsequently been to the toilets and cleaned my teeth where I bumped into the first English guy I chatted to yesterday in the social room. He said a group of them were going to Bondi beach did I want to come and I said that would be perfect because I planned to do that anyway.

I’ve now come back to my room and am currently waiting for him to get ready. (he hadn’t even had breakfast yet and he had 3 minutes until it was meant to finish) While waiting I decided to start this diary (might be out drinking tonight on the pub crawl so I may not be able to do it tonight so any now is a bonus) and book some more accommodation because I’m only meant to have one more night here. I’ve been looking online but I’m just about to go down and check there prices here… Its 11am now and I haven’t seen that guy since, hope he didn’t forget me, oh well to Bond I beach I go anyway.

I caught the train to Bondi junction and then had to find what bus I needed that was a mission cos once again the signs make no sense but at least they put them up everywhere! Then when on the bus had to guess when I had arrived, (Never really caught buses back home- Thanks Mum) luckily the clue was in where I was going beach, so when I saw the sand and sea I got off. The beach was far more vast than I thought so after I crossed the road I decided to go and sit on the beach to take in the sight while basking in the sun. The weather was warm at times but there was a really strong wind and mixed with sea breeze it was also chilly. I stayed on the beach until the sun disappeared behind the clouds which was about 30 minutes then walked along the long sea front paddling as I went. After I did that I googled some sea walks and saw there was an East coast walk so I thought I’d go and find it, but before I headed out I went and picked up my first backpacker lunch… Anything on offer in a supermarket. (Brown bread, ham and a banana. I also picked up so biscuits and soup for later) I then ate my lunch at a picnic area before heading off. The walk was really good and gave some stunning views so I took load of photos, it went round to an extra beach which was beautiful but empty. (I do realise it was a week day and I heard it rained too but I was still surprised) From there you can make the decision to carry on which I did and it was another spectacular route and ended an another beach this time with a few people on it. (and in a sea pool, which I noticed at Bondi beach too) After this the marked out route was finished but I wanted to carry on and found a sort of route (over some wooden steps and walkways) so followed that right round to another little bay where i took more photos. However fearing it was getting later and the fact I was in the middle of nowhere I decided to catch a bus back to Bondi Junction. (There was one on the hill just before going down to the bay and I didn’t know when I’d see another one) While on route back I googled the sunset times in Sydney and at about 5:30 it goes down so I thought I’d try and see the Opera house in sunset before going back to the hostel.

The journey from where I was to circular quay (where the opera house is) via Bondi junction (plus the fact I couldn’t find the right bus stop or understand the signs again) took longer than I expected so the sun had set and it was more dusk, but while I was there I thought I may as well take a quick boat tour using my pass. (meaning it free) After a quick look at the guide and working out which boat route got closest to the opera house, (not sure I could directly get a tour so I was just getting a boat past it) I boarded ready out on top deck ready to take some more photos. (as if the 100 I already have wasn’t enough) The boat trip was only about a 15 minute ride to the other side then a similar wait before coming back. I’m glad I did it but I do want to go back and do it at sun set if I can.

Once I’d finished on the boat it was about 6:30pm and there was a pub crawl at 9pm that I wanted to be on so I came back to the hostel to have a shower the packet soup I bought earlier. I had to catch the train back and I worked out I could stop at Town Hall (the stop before central) but this new station to me was another complex affair that I wondered around in ages before finding the right platform. (its got 2 floors of stations!) When back I made the cuppa soup and then went to buy a padlock for a locker at the hostel (only about 8 lockers here and 60-70 people, but I had seen an empty locker) and alcohol to pre-drink on the cheap before going out. With time getting on I rushed around getting showered, dressed and getting my contact lenses in with 2 minutes to spare. Now about 9pm I headed to the meet point downstairs but no one was there and the person on reception (a fellow hosteler) said they now meet on the roof so I went up there only to find people don’t usually leave til later! Gutted I rushed around. This did at least give me chance to get dressed smarter and pre-drink with Mitch (the guy from yesterday) and his mate Mark. (There were others to but I didn’t really speak much to them)

At about 10:30pm we headed to the first pub and got free entry, 1 free drink and $5 drinks up to midnight. A lot of the people on the pub crawl knew each other or were with new roommates and were making friends but my room mates don’t seem to make the effort so having to start from scratch on a night out is hard. I did try and join it but when it came to dancing I left them to it and at midnight we moved to the next club. Again it was free entry and $5 dollar drinks but nothing free however it was bigger and more full than the other place. After a few drinks and speaking to a few people I was ready for a dance. The night just seemed to fly by after this and before I knew it the time was 2am and I was there with just one person I knew in the hostel. He had lost his driving licence so we looked for that for a bit and I found $20 on the floor so I said I’d get us a souvlaki. The bloke got the clubs number and said he would come back tomorrow to check again. (Technically today but you known what I mean) We then walked up the main street in Kings Cross which was an experience… Prostitutes and bouncers every other step but we did eventually find a souvlaki place and I haggled them down in price in my drunken state.

From there we walked back to the hostel eating out kebabs in a wrap and managed to walk past the place before turning back to it and going straight to our rooms. I bumped into a room mate on the stairs waiting for her boyfriend so I didn’t feel to bad I was going to wake my room, now the 3 of us had shared responsibility for waking the other 4. (yeah there is now 7 of us an extra German bloke came earlier today but like the others in my room doesn’t seem to socialise well) Not that waking people up seems to matter, its just part and parcel of sharing a room. (I got woken in the morning early than I would have wanted for example) I then got ready for bed in the dark and went to sleep, overall it had been a good day. 🙂


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