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Day 41 “Filling the Backpack” (Tuesday 16th April 2013)

I had set my alarm to wake up today at 10:30am but managed to turn it off and sleep a little extra, not the wisest decision given the amount of things I’ve got to do today. It was about 11:30am by the time I was up, dressed and eating breakfast and Avril was out with David (her Dad) and Peter at work. The first job I did was get some of my clothes I thought I might be taking into the washing machine.

I then proceeded to get on the computer and book my first hostel so that I would have a bed in Sydney at least for the first couple of nights. I spend a long time looking for cheap but still good reviewed hostels in the end I opted for a $20 a night in 8 person sharing room- this would give me a chance to meet some fellow travellers. The hostel also offered free breakfast and had average reviews (one from 2009 wasn’t so good though: “I didn’t dare check what the brown stains on the wall were”) so I’ve booked two night and will decide from there. The hostel I’m staying in like a good few say I mist be out by 10am so I’m really going to have to change me sleeping patten and start to shorten these entries. I also get a locker and internet if I pay a little extra but can work in the hostel to pay for a night etc. There supposedly a roof top view with BBQ, a lounge room and kitchen facilities as well.

After this I switched the load in the washing machine into the tumble dryer and put on yet more washing I planned to take! (Never have been the most organised when it comes to things like this) Next I wanted to check my money situation with my bank and at last my funds had arrived from the UK, so I swapped them around a bit making sure I would get the best interest rates. Now I began to put things on my bed that I wanted to take… There looked a lot and the realisation of having just a backpack was kicking in. I spend the next part of my day checking timetables from the bus company to see if they had updated. One of them had so I was pleased I checked and downloaded it, I then went to Oz experience on Facebook to see if I could meet any fellow travellers but with under 5,000 likes and only about 50 comments on their wall I began to wondered if anyone would even be on this tour. While on Facebook I also updated it with a picture of my packing so people could see in was about to begin the next phase of my year here.

The final washing was now done but needed drying and I didn’t want to begin packing until I have everything in front of me. While I waited I decided to check in online for my flight which didn’t actually take too long and just as I was printing it out David and Avril arrived back home. (They had been having lunch at a couples house had taken David’s dog when Joan said it would be best from them to give it away) David didn’t say long and after he had gone I got some quick lunch (the fried rice left over from yesterdays stir fry- which Avril had made so it was like the one I had a few weeks ago… Divine!) and afterwards started on another diary entry as later I wanted to upload what I had done so far on to WordPress. People back home only had up to day 9 and I though I best upload some more days before I go travelling, so that people back in the UK could read roughly what I’d been up to. (This meant that I had to upload draft copies with mistakes and notes galore- I would edit them and add photos when I returned, but I figured something was better than nothing)

Just as I was doing this Mick and Alex arrived it was now 7pm and they had come round to have a meal with me before I leave for Sydney. (also because I now had the money from England I could pay back Mick as well) The day had really flown by I did now have my hostel booked but I still needed to pack! The 5 of then had pasta carbonara which I loved (Avril wanted to give me a special meal before I went) with garlic bread and for desert (or pudding as the English would say) was a home made (by Alex) lemon meringue pie which was top draw. I had another good evening in Melbourne but it was almost time to say good bye to it for a while. Before Mick and Alex left they had a look over my bus room and Alex was giving me pointers and places to stay. (but I was planning on checking out each place so I was suddenly worried about some of the stops) It was decided I would Google ahead each stop to see if there was a hostel and if so I would stay because although some people may not like it I may as well check it out while I’m here. (Its not that I don’t believe Alex but I could meet some great people in a similar situation and we get on so much we carry on travelling together- doubt it but it could happened) That said I may also built up knowledge from other travellers on route too… Who knows this is all still new to me and something I hope to work out on route.

Just as Mick and Alex were leaving I remembered I needed to take the photos off the camera Alex had let me use when we went to the MCG on Sunday. (I was testing the camera out as the one I had seemed to blur certain images) I did like it and may look for one similar one on route but then again I may just use my phone camera. Once they had left I also opened a new account with my bank so that I could earn even higher interest with regular savings. I set up what’s called a goal saver (saving money each month earns extra interest) but a regular transfer was a bit harder so I decided I’d do it manually each month to get the reward of extra interest.

Avril and Peter had been watching TV while I sorties my account then they we to bed as I began to pack with my now washed and dried clothes. It was gone 9pm so I really had to crack on and started to roll my clothes (heard it takes up less room than folding so its worth a try) and put them in the back pack which had the main pocket and loads of other smaller storage pockets. My friend Carl had lent it too me and it was a pretty posh bag… It took a while and the bag was very heavy but I managed to fit everything I wanted in all but 1 pair of denim 3/4 lengths (that were heavy anyway plus Roger had said 3/4 lengths had gone out of fashion in 2002 about the same time as Adidas poppers!) Now about 11:30pm I decided to finish the diary I had started earlier and then get to bed ready for the early start tomorrow… All in all a productive and good day. 🙂


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