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Day 40 “Not Enough” (Monday 15th April 2013)

I really really woke up late today it was gone 12pm, I have actually set an alarm for tomorrow now because I don’t want to waste my day here in bed and I have a lot to do tomorrow. In my defence though I do have late nights (meaning I have my day at different times to the norm- breakfast at lunch etc.) and I was still recovering from Saturday night. Once up I caught up with a UK friend called Alex that’s currently in Tokyo and ate some breakfast, I also sent a messages to Luke and my Dad in the UK who had messaged me while I’d been asleep.

Avril was preparing the food for tonights dinner (Pork and vegetable stir fry) because David her Dad was coming round but she still offered to do something with me today if I wanted. I declined because I wanted to make some more progress with my travel plans including starting my packing and booking my first nights accommodation. Also we would have only gone shopping and after speaking to my parents last night they said it would be sensible to pack what I want/ need and buy the other things as and when I need them rather than trying to fit them into a heavy backpack and I tended to agree with that so didn’t need to shop today. I also then offered to help Avril but she was fine and Peter was at work.

Now contemplating going to Ayres rock after my travels I looked up cheap places I could fly there from, Avril also checked after she had prepared the dinner. The best we could find was leaving from Sydney (so was now thinking I’d go before beginning the bus travel) for about $700 for 2 nights plus I’d need to buy a tour of the rock if I wanted one. (that price was only for return flights to Alice Springs, transfers to and from the airport and 2 nights in the cheapest hotel) When I actually looked into dates to leave (which was hard as there didn’t seem to be daily flights and I wanted them for this week/ next week, while I’m in Sydney) and adding the tour it got even more expensive. (nearly $1000 for just 2 nights) In the end I thought I would sort that out after I travel the East coast because flying from Melbourne isn’t that much more expensive than Sydney plus Avril and Peter have never been and might come too.

After this Avril went to curves, her gym, while I started to pin point some places on Google of the places in Sydney, that the Geordie Shore cast might be. It may have been sad but doing it helped me realised I could save maps offline so I decided to do this for key towns and cities on the East coast meaning I could get around the big places even without internet. After this I made lunch another toastie, man I gonna miss those when I leave, then Avril came back not long after. We were expecting David anytime from now so I went and had a quick shower and got ready. I also thought I should start my packing or book my first hostel but for some reason I procrastinated and ended up starting work on a diary (ironic because I’d usually do anything to get out writing those!) while also whatsapp’ing my friends back in the UK. It wasn’t all bad though because I hadn’t spoke to some of my friends for a while so sending a big group message meant I could update a lot of people at one about my travel plans and some people replied meaning I was on my phone for a large part of the evening.

It then transpired that David wouldn’t be coming today so Avril cooked the pork stir fry for just the 3 of us and we ate the delicious meal around 7:30pm. Once we had finished Avril and Peter moved to the sitting room with the bigger TV to watch a pretty recorded ‘Downtown Abby’. This left me in a nice quite room so I carried on replying to my friends and even updated my status Facebook to let other mates know I was leaving too. I had also agreed to Skype Roger, which we did for over an hour… catching up with him about his wedding, his work plans, my travel plans and what I’d been up to recently. I really enjoyed chatting with Roger (all bit it the few technical problem/ crashing we had) and because of the serious operation he had 5 weeks ago he’s still off work, so even though today was a weekday I could chat with him. Plus I leave this Wednesday so it was good to squeeze in one last chat before I go because when travelling I don’t know how much data video calls use or how often I’ll find free Wi-Fi so not sure how often I’ll Skype. I should still be available via text, whatsapp, Facebook, email and phone call though. (signal dependant)

After the Skype call I continued with the diary I had started a long while ago and Avril and Peter came through to say they were going to bed. I was meant to pack and book my hostel today but I hadn’t done either so its gonna make tomorrow busy… At least I let my friends know I’m off travelling (well technically I’ve already travelled round the other side of the world but now begins the next chapter- doing it without friends or family) and caught up with family before I left. I’m now finishing this diary in my room and will be going to sleep soon because my alarm will be waking me up tomorrow. (I have a lot to do and can’t waste it sleeping) Also I’ll probably use alarms in the foreseeable future too because Wednesday I need to be at the airport in time for my lunch time flight and when travelling I won’t want to waste my days sleeping and probably won’t be allowed to in the hostels either. 🙂


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