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Day 38 “First Night Out” (Saturday 13th March 2013)

Today I woke up at about 11:30am later than normal but knowing that I was going out tonight for a few drinks and would probably need the energy later! When I got up Peter was out and Avril was still at Hollie and Anthony’s farm, so with a quite house I decided to Google Sydney maps, accommodation and transport. This was all very daunting and really started to make me think how different travelling was going to be but I am looking forward to it at the same time. Also I had a cheeky look at how to grow a beard, which made me realise I had go pick a style so I’ve opted for the ‘Full Beard’. Basically I’ve learnt that I just need to let it grow and trim it after about 6-8 and then maintain it to all over but shortish hair. In case you were wondering this all started from when I got chickenpox (9 days before I left and I hadn’t shaved for a few days when the outbreak started), I couldn’t shave because of the spots underneath and would have only been able to shave once the spots went which was after about 4 weeks growth. However after 4 weeks I thought it would be a great time to try out a beard so now I’m at about 6-7 weeks and thinking I need to start tidying it… Now to invest in some beard trimmers.

Peter then arrived home and we chatted for a bit, he also ate lunch and checked some land online. Then a short while later he went back out to check a block of land Avril had told him about and I started to write another diary. In the mean time Mick had rung and said I could go round in perpetration for the night, it was now about 3:30pm so I said I’d finish the diary, get ready and come over. Once I did the diary, (in which I waffled too much and today’s is me attempting to cut down) I had a shower and got dress up with contact lenses and a shirt! I then found out Mick wasn’t going to the meal before hand (there were quite a few people going to the meal for Sam’s [Alex’s sister] birthday, who I thought would then come out in the evening) and would be dropping Alex in the city and we would cab in later. This meant I would need some food at home and also I’d have to go round Mick’s a bit later cos otherwise he’d be out playing taxi for Alex. I had some pie leftovers and got my things ready while I waited for Mick to get back from the City. Thinking I might see Avril return before I left, I waited around a bit longer but in the end I had to leave and would see her Sunday… I then drove to Micks in Peter’s car, letting him know that I might not be back until Sunday afternoon (in case he needed it) as Alex planned to take me to watch the Aussy rules football tomorrow.

We had a few drinks round Mick’s (who put on about 5 outfits before he chose what to wear- worse than a woman!) then he ordered a cab and we headed to Brunswick street in Melbourne. I then discovered that only Alex and her friend Tammy were coming out for the night but I didn’t mind and still hoped for a good evening. The 2 girls had just popped to Tammy’s friends apartment, (where Tammy would be sleeping the night as her place was too far away to easily get home. [its in Monbulk, where we went to see the animals at the animal rescue centre and where Alex’s Mum Wendy lives with Greg]) so they would be meeting us a bit later, therefore it was just me and Mick for the time being. As he had paid for the cab, I decided to pay for the drinks at the first bar… 2 bottles of larger (Corona) cost $20 (£13) I couldn’t believe it and thought I won’t last long travelling at those prices! As we finished our drinks we noticed a large group of people dancing over the road so went to check it out. Turns out it was about 3 or 4 people with boom box music players blaring music out while crowds of people dances and drink in the street it looked amazing and I took some photos before the crowds and music moved on.


From there we crossed the road and Mick and I went to another bar ‘Naked for Satan’ (with the upstairs of its bar on a roof terrace called ‘Naked in the Sky’) which I’d been to before with Hannah and Mick after the zoo. (However this time I was more suitable dressed) Mick and I went to go up the lift to the roof but realised there was a waiting list so put our names in the list and went to get a drink. At this point Alex and her friend Tammy showed up and the 4 of us got a drink. Tammy was another really nice lady, who I got on well with, it seems Alex has a lot of great friends! While drink we received a text saying she could now go upstairs so headed up there and managed to get a table outside. (It may be a roof terrace but there is also a big indoor area with seating, toilets and bar) While on the roof we had another drink and a really good socialise before we moved on to the next place. The next bar was called Night Cat and a live band was playing inside, we had another drink and found couples of chairs too. It was loud inside so I found it hard to speak and not being a massive fan of the music I wanted to find a place with a DJ instead. Before we left though I briefly met another one of Alex’s friends called Jen. She seemed nice but with band playing it was hard to really have a conversation. Jen decided to stay with her other friends while Alex, Tammy, Mick and I went to another bar this time with a DJ and playing the type of music I love. (My memory does start to haze here, not badly but it was clearly a good night!) Mick didn’t like this place, music or people though and we only stayed for one expensive drink while having a little bit of a dance. (it was my round but I can’t remember what it cost but I remember thinking it wasn’t cheap!)

Tammy now thought she’d had enough and decided she wanted to go home but I tried to get her to stay out, she was drunkenly walking in the road hailing taxis but none stopped. In the end after bumping into Jen and her friends outside the kebab shop, Tammy decided to come to one more bar and dance floor. Jen’s friends were calling it a night (it was about 1:30am… I think!) but she wanted to carry on dancing so the 5 of us headed to this place not far from where we were. Inside we got a drink and had a bit of a dance by the bar, Tammy then decided to leave for real and the 2 remaining girls headed to the dance floor while Mick and I stood by the bar. At the bar a couple of older ladies tried to chat Mick and I up, one even claiming I looked like David Grohl out of the band the ‘Too Fighters’. (I suppose it was dark and I did have contact lenses in) So to get away we went to find the girls on the dance floor and had a little boogy with them. I was cutting my finest shapes but when I ran out of drink Mick and I headed back to the bar and paid for another couple of drinks. (I was drunk by now but not drunk enough to forget each bottle in here cost $12… How can it be more than that first place!) When we were at the bar again the older ladies came back to us and Mick walked away to some seats… I remember speaking to one of the ladies and actually quite liking her in the end but with the night ending she had to head home.

Alex and Jen then came back to find us and the lights then came on so it was time to go. Luckily a cab was right outside so we all got in and headed home, (Jen lived on a bit from Alex, so when Alex, Mick and I got out she did the last bit on her own) it did however we didn’t get any food to end the night… I really wanted a souvlaki as well, which is basically kebab meat served in a wrap! Now inside the 3 of us were all feeling pretty drunk but managed to stay up another hour from 4-5am talking about things I can’t even remember. (probably about the night though) In that time Alex also made me a bacon, brie and capsicum omelette because I was complaining I was hungry, I love that girl! We then all headed to our beds, where I text Luke my best mate in the UK, who laughed at my drunken messages, but I was in no fit state to do this diary which I’ve now written the following night instead. What a great night out and I was now sleeping off the alcohol. 🙂


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