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Day 36 “Special Delivery” (Thursday 11th April 2013)

Today I was expecting Avril to wake me because an estate agent was coming to look around the place and give Avril a valuation so she could get a rough idea of the houses she could affords if they moved. However he was expected round at 11am and at 10:45 I woke up, jumped out of bed slightly worries and asked why Avril hasn’t woken me. She said as Ben used to sleep when people came round their old house before the move here, “A bedroom is a bedroom” don’t worry. My next problem was a needed a shower so attempted to have a quick one before he turned up but after I finished washing at was getting dry I could here voices so I braved the walk back to my room. Unfortunately Avril and this guy were sitting having a drink right outside the shower room so I quickly went into my room just saying a brief hello. From there I finished drying myself before coming back out for breakfast. The man Avril was speaking to seemed nice and made small talk with me while I ate my breaky which was nice. He then finished checking around and then said he’d write up a valuation and send it through but his initial thoughts where in the $600,000. (Not bad considering the blocks of land and houses that we’ve been looking at all total around $450,000)

After he left, Avril was keen to go and see a few more blocks of land today so I got ready and we headed out. The map app we were using was playing up but we eventually found the first couple of blocks but of which were flat and had the driveway on the left but both in undeveloped areas so it looked nice its a gamble because you don’t know whats gonna be built around you. After this we headed to a show village to check out some more homes that Avril had been recommended through a friend of hers. Of the 6 ish houses we looked in only one really looked good and Avril has since had a look through there booklet and likes a fair amount of the properties they offer. In one place we got stopped by a lady working in one of the show homes who managed get us to sit down with David (an Asian guy who worked for one of the housing company’s) to discuss home and land packages… Long and the short of this was that there was one block worth checking out but a lot of the other things he chatted through Avril already knew. With a whole tree of paper in hand we headed off in search of the block of land David had just told us about. Using the iPad as a map, Avril we drove around the area a few times looking for the block but we couldn’t find it and now feeling pretty bored both of us decided to head home even though we hadn’t seen some others that Avril had on today’s list.

Back home the post had arrived including a special delivery for me, finally my credit card and phone had arrived from the UK. Before I started to fiddle with the package too much we both had soup for lunch. Afterwards Avril made a few calls and emails, to find out that the block we couldn’t find earlier may not have been developed enough to see yet. Also it may even be being build under some power lines, which suddenly made the block seem less appealing. In this time I had started to charge the phone from the package Mum and Dad had sent out- although the phone wasn’t critical I wanted to have it as a back up in case friends or family text the wrong number. While it charged, I wiped the phone and then sync’d it to the PC. I also stored away the credit card but was now free to book the flight when I ever I could and finally leave Avril and Peter in peace. The last part of the package I received was the case for my Oz phone which I inadvertently left back in the UK. It was made by Fanac a company that Peter would have heard of so I thought it would be good to have that out here too.


Once I had finished sorting the package contents, I left Avril to her property bubble and set to work on Wednesday’s dairy because due to the deletion problem I had, it had put me behind a bit a little bit. While I was writing that diary Peter came home and learned that Avril and I had looked at houses and land as again today… He laughed and said he feels for me! (I am starting to realise how hard this can be but at the same time getting a new house as a swap for your old one does seem worth it) The 3 of then ate spicy capsicum dip with crackers while the dinner cooked. Avril then realised she needed some more milk for the dish so sent Peter and I to go and get some milk… Oh and wine was on special offer so we HAD to get that too!

So Peter, who hadn’t long been in work and me put on our shoes and Peter drove to the shops about 3 minutes away. We got the wine first, (not from the off licence in the supermarket but instead a separate shop along the road… I’m still yet to work out the differences between the two, I guess the special deals and some prices but when I want booze, I just use the closest one) which was actually really good value… Things are more expensive here especially alcohol so to get the equivalent of 32 bottles of wine (in 6 boxes) for $80 made each bottle $2.50 (£1.60 ish) plus it wasn’t that bad a wine either! Then we headed to the supermarket and got the milk, Peter also picked up some Savoy’s (a brand of savoury cracker- we had eaten some earlier that evening) and also a few treats. (lollies or what we would call sweets) after paying, Peter drove back home and Avril was please with the amount of wine we had bought but not so keen on the junk.

With dinner nearly ready I prepared the salad again tonight which was lettuce, capsicum, red onion, spring onion and I even put tomato in Avril and Peter’s salads but not my own as I don’t like it. The food tonight was turkey and pesto parcels (recommended to Avril by a different friends to the earlier story and were from Aldi) with cheesy packet pasta and salad. It was a heavy meal but I enjoyed it and even managed to find room for some for sweets later that evening. After dinner and while watching TV and texting some people back in the UK, Mum rang me as she was at the bank but needed some extra details so I got what in could off the internet and hung up. A little while later she rang back and needed some more info that I would have to get from my bank here tomorrow. That was a shame because the money wouldn’t be able to be transfered today, especially when you consider that Mum went to the bank twice. First time she didn’t have any identification which was needed to transfer this money, so had gone home for her passport and second time I couldn’t get the codes. Mum being Mum thought, said she would go back to the bank tomorrow for me after I sent her the bank codes, in the hope it was 3rd time lucky. It was great to talk to Mum but because we were worried about credit on our phones we had two quite rushed calls but said we would try and Skype on the weekend to have a proper chinwag.

After the calls to Mum (where I tucked myslef in my room as not to distract Avril and Peter) I came out my room to find Peter and Avril now had on ‘Forest Gump’ a film classic. So as the three of us sat there watching we also nibbled down some peanut M&M’s. Before the film had finished Avril and Peter decided to call it a night… But I stayed up for a bit and continued to message a few people on Facebook etc, before coming into my room and finishing off yesterday and today’s diary. 🙂


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