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Day 35 “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back” (Wednesday 10th April 2013)

Today I woke up a little later than usual but after the late night writing I had done I’m not surprised it was 11:45am when I stirred from bed. As I didn’t have any plans today it wasn’t a problem getting out of bed and eating breakfast for lunch effectively. Avril had been to Greensborough this morning and just returned as I got up. We were just chatting when the subject of money came us and how much I seem to be spending. As I came with over $1000 and don’t have much left I decided to make a list of my expenditures because it seemed high considering I was living and eating with Avril and Peter.

While I was writing down everything I remember for the past 4 and a bit weeks, Avril decided went to Curves (a female gym) I managed to remember a lot of my spending and was only about $55 short so realised I probably has spend that much. My main outlets of money came from gifts to Avril and Peter as well as my alcohol. (Its an expensive country but it has at least made me aware, ready for when I go travelling) Mick had paid my debt off to Paul a week or so ago so I now owed him $200 and it baffled me as to the fact you spend that money and have to repay it so it actually costs $400. On and off it took me all day to really understand it but the long and the short is you don’t include getting or spending the $200 because it will be paid back from my money. Before Avril got home I started to make a couple of small toastie rolls with cheese and ham and as I went to serve them she came in so I offered her some and we ate together and I suggested we watched a Geordie Shore at the same time.

After about 15 minutes Avril had seen enough and went to hang some washing on the line and do a few chores. I continued to watch but did pause it towards the end because Luke my English friend text me (which would be there morning) and I wanted to reply before he started work. We had a really long whatsapp convo and its always nice to chat with friends I usually catch up with Facebook and Twitter before I go to bed most nights! With Luke at work, I watched the end of Geordie Shore before sorting a few bits and bobs on the comptuer in the study. First; I emptied Dropbox which my friend Jack in the UK, had filled with things to watch for me, then I played a song off YouTube that had been in my head all day, (Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi) next I download the photos from Melbourne Aquarium of our family day out (when Hollie bought the book it came with a code for a digital download but it had been playing up so hopefully they’d now be online) and finally I checked the exact expenditure on my travel card to find out how much I’d spent and the remaining balance.

Avril went to get ready for her evening at about 6:15pm and then Peter rang so I answered, he said he’d be late home from work so I may have to eat on my own but also wanted a work with Avril. When she was dressed and ready I said Peter had rung when so Avril called back. She found out he’d might be earlier and if he was he’d ring and I could start dinner. Avril then left so I thought it the perfect time to carry on my diary in the nice quiet house…. This is when the trouble really started! As I opened the diary on my tablet I accidentally deleted a sentence from the entry, thinking too quickly I backed out of the diary and thought I’d load back the auto save and thus not have to write back in the sentence… But there was no auto save which meant there was no entry anymore!! 3 hours of work last night had been lost and what’s worse it was a really long and detailed diary! I googled the problem and even started a new thread on a forum but the overwhelming answer was that I had lost it for good and couldn’t recover it! Now just gone 8pm I went to start dinner and was in a really upset mood but knew nothing could be done so had to get over it.


Peter rang right as I was putting a potato into the oven so I added his too but he would be home before dinner would be ready. While he headed home I also prepared a salad of capsicum, (red pepper) spring onion, lettuce and snow peas. (mangetout- which I had to blanch too) Once peter was home I whacked the T-bone steaks on the barby cooking mine medium-rare and Peters a little longer for medium-well done. It all came together at the right time and this was potentially the first fresh (not in packets with oven temperatures) meal I’d ever cooked. Steak, jacket potato and salad, which I thought it was all lovely and Peter even commented on how good it was!

After we had eaten we watched some TV (It was an English programme with Hugh Dennis and Mark Watson looking for the Arch of the Covenant) before I though I better start the diary that was lost… Peter and I went to our rooms and Avril was still out, (I found out the next day she had come home at 11:30pm on a school night!) I then began typing at about 10pm and by the time I finished it was 3am, I really do need to start writing less! In between admittedly I did stop to message people or read Facebook but it still took about over 3 hours!


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