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Day 33 “Blocks of Land” (Monday 8th April 2013)

Today I woke up around Micks at about 10:30am but didn’t actually get out of bed until 11:10am because I had asked Alex to wake me up at 11am and I wanted to check if she would. However when I left the bedroom Alex was just getting out the shower and claimed she would have got me up once she was dressed. I went downstairs and played on my phone while Alex got ready to drop me back to Avril and Peters. Once Alex was dressed we sat around talking for a bit including another lost in translation phrase: I would use the words ‘wet room’ to describe a room where the whole floor can get wet, basically an unenclosed shower. But to Alex it meant a shower and kitchen in the same room- a later Australian Google as well as another convo with her and it turned out that was an Alex-ism rather than a general Australian way of thinking. However during that later chat I did discover ‘toodle pip’ had become ‘Tootles’ here. Then Alex invited me to go shopping in Doncaster with her, but I decilned because I wanted to get back, showered and hopefully catch Harry and Hollie before they left.

Alex then dropped me back, Phillip was here with Avril, but Peter was at work and Hollie had already left with Harry apparently around 10am. Phillip invited me round for dinner tomorrow night and the 3 of us chatted while I ate some breakfast including some left over quiche from the baby shower. When Phillip left Avril said she wouldn’t mind looking at some more blocks of land today but needed to shower because she had been to the gym (Curves) this morning and I needed a shower too (luckily there is more than one) so we both got ready and then headed off to look at land.

Avril had a long list of places to check and we started to work through the list at about 2pm, with me directing using Google maps and Avril driving. Some plots were so new there weren’t even roads yet and others were in the heart of an estate, we really saw a range of areas. The things Avril wants from the block of land include a left sided drive way for a caravan so the houses side door faces the caravan, flat land so they house isn’t built on a slope, an area of green/ park land near by so they aren’t staring at houses in every direction and finally no double story houses near by that could over look there property. During our few hours of hours trip we really only saw 4 possible candidates out of about 10 blocks of land and Avril confessed she hasn’t been sleeping well probably because she wants to find the perfect place to put a new house. With a few notes made and some photos taken we headed home for a well earned rest and got back just after 5pm.

When we got back I started to sort my tablet and get a few extra apps ready to start travelling while Avril continued the plot of land search on her iPad. Dinner was then started by Avril as Peter was due home from work at about 7pm, it was chicken kiev with diced fried potatoes and the Heniz frozen veg… A lovely bit of grub. Just before it was ready and once Peter was back from work the 3 of us quickly checked for flights from Melbourne to Sydney as I now plan to fly there and do a separate bus tour back to Canberra. This is because its cheaper than getting the greyhound bus from here, plus there aren’t too many good bus stops other than Canberra that would interest me. The best day to fly was Wednesday at $65 (£42) but that seemed to soon so we looked at Thursday, Friday and Saturday which were all about $100 (£66) so we decided to leave it and book once my credit card and English phone arrive from the UK. (they were sent by my parents last week so should be here tomorrow really)

After we had eaten Avril, Peter and I watched some TV including Top Gear (which made me feel like I was at home watching ‘Dave’ the TV channel) and then a documentary about the need for Australian organ donors and how thankful people are to receive them. Once that had finished about 9:30pm we all decided to go the bed, where I’ve just written this diary but now plan to sleep because I could have an early start tomorrow as Avril plans to take me into Melbourne and get around using the tram.


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