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Day 32 “Friends and Family Lunch” (Sunday 7th April 2013)

Today I woke up a number of times with Harry playing outside my room however it didn’t stop me from getting back to sleep and I properly woke up at 10am. This was 1am in English time which meant Roger had just got back from his Saturday night antics of playing poker, we therefore had quite a funny conversations and photo/ video swap on whatsapp and at 11am and with Roger low on battery, I decided I really had to show my face outside of my room.

David and Zoe were there with baby William who Hollie and co had jogged for the other week easing loads of money. Hollie and Harry was also in the lounge area and Avril emerged about 11:15 from the shower as she had been on a long walk this morning with Hollie and Harry and wanted to freshen up before we went to our arranged lunch at Mick and Alex’s. Peter was in the garage cleaning up sour milk from a milkshake that had exploded on a shelf and over the 4×4 after it was taken out of an Eski (ice box) a few weeks ago when Mick returned the Eski for the first time with Hannah. Apparently even with though the area had been washed it still smelt terrible! So I ate breakfast and entertained Harry while he ate lunch. I also played with Harry briefly after lunch and spoke to Zoe and Dave briefly too but then needed to get ready for the lunch too. As Harry was going for his afternoon nap around midday, Avril, Peter and I left while the 4 of them stayed back with Dave making a chicken salad for Zoe, Hollie and Himself using a chuk (chicken) he had just been to buy.

Although we got to Alex and Mick’s place about 20 mins after we should of we still arrived before anyone else. This gave us time to get the alcohol in the Eski that Mick still had from when we borrowed it off Peter for Phillip Island and have a seat. A short while later Wendy (Alex’s mum) Greg (Wendy’s partner) and Bec (Gregs niece) arrived and we all sat outside having a social and nibbling on cheese, crackers, dips and olives. Mick then started the BBQ as Avril needed to get away about 2pm for a baby shower. (another American influence in Australia, I’m beginning to think its America number 2 here… A baby shower is where people turn up for a social gathering with gifts for an unborn baby) As the meat cooked, Paul also arrived so there were now 9 people round… A real friends and family lunch and we all chatted and I even brought up some of the differences in our languages again… Like their pronunciation pasta (parsta) and router (rowter) and aubergine (egg plant) Once the food was ready we ate the feast which was amazing… There was; a noodle salad, a normal salad, 2 types of sausage: chilli and chipolatas, lamb, garlic centred chick balls and barbecued capsicum, (pepper) onions, mushrooms and zucchini. (courgette)

After the food and now around 3pm Peter took Avril to the baby shower where they were already an hour late. This left the 7 of us and we decided to play Taboo (the card game we had played the other day where you have to describe things without using certain words) this ended in a bit of anarchy as certain people suspected cheating from teams. (I was with Alex, Mick with Paul and Wendy with Bec… Which left Greg to watch the Aussy rules inside but he did come out and join Wendy’s team then take over the scoring to prevent cheating) Although I don’t think people cheated, the win Alex and I got was somewhat overshadowed by light hearted allegations however in reality it was a hard earned victory but the other didn’t see it that way in fact I even got called attention seeking by Wendy before the game started (I assume because of my loud voice or picking on the Australian language) Also later got called a shit stirrer by Alex which really offended me but I later found out that the Australians have less meaning behind that phases (like with certain other word and phrases they mean slightly different things 10,500 miles from home) and it really meant I was bantering. (I hope the same can be applied to what Wendy called me- maybe it’s lost in translation)

The game ended for a cheesecake desert or pudding, although pudding was instantly another example of words lost in translation because to me, Mick and Paul that can be any sweet course after the main but to Wendy, Greg, Alex and Bec it’s a warm desert like Christmas pudding or treacle pudding etc. but desert is applied to anything else like cheesecake. After the desert Wendy, Greg and Bec left to get Bec to the airport as she was flying back to Queensland at 7pm and it was now about 5pm. This left just Mick, Alex, Paul and I so we came inside to watch the final 20 minute quarter of Australian football (This can take about 35 minutes though as the clock stops when the ball is out of play) in the end Collingwood (the team Alex supports) won and because of the black and strips that they wear Paul decided to support them too. (it reminded him of the toon because he’s from and supports Newcastle football club back in the UK) After the game we got back out the au derives we had had before the BBQ and then Paul made a move but with no car I decided I’d crash here again tonight and stayed for the evening.

As the evening went on the 3 of us watched a Facejacker episode, then put on some Australian stand up to see if I liked it. However I only found small parts funny and Mick really doesn’t like it so we stopped it to watch an old “Eight out of Ten Cats Uncut” instead which was really funny. Now about 8pm we decided to watch a film but we all wanted to watch different things so in the end Mick just picked a horror film he had seen even though Alex and I really didn’t want watch it! It was called ‘The Strangers’ and I tried to distract myself using my phone but ended up watch the lion share of it and thought it was ok but had a weak plot (like all horror films Alex said but I wouldn’t know as I try to avoid them) and had an annoying ending! (don’t wanna give it away but I like an ending to neatly wrap up and this didn’t) When the film finished Mick went to bed but Alex and I stayed up talking/ playing on our phones/ briefly watching TV for a couple of hours before we went to our separate rooms and I began to write this diary. Another diary written on the day it happened, well technically the very early hours of the following morning as its currently 2:34am but I’ve finished writing now so its time to get some sleep!


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