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Day 31 “Current Day Diary” (Saturday 6th April 2013)

I woke up round Mick’s at about 10:30 and Alex was out dropping Vanessa at the airport so Mick and I chatted for a bit before Alex retuned. As I knew Harry was back at home and I said to Avril and Peter I would probably be back last night, I decided to make a move.

I drove back to find an empty house so decided to make a toastie again for my lunch and then watched a Geordie Shore episode on Avril’s iPad that I had missed when I got chickenpox just before I came to Australia. I also wanted to see it because ever since I found out the cast are in Sydney I’ve wanted to see it again! For once in my spare time I didn’t do my diary but only because both my phone and tablet needed charging not because I’m up to date! I then made a brownie in a cup using a recipe I found on Facebook (and also noticed a friend request from Vanessa which made me smile), it was surprisingly nice but I over cooked it a bit so some parts were burnt. After about one and a half hours Avril, Peter and Harry arrived back and I found out they had been a Peter’s mums house. Harry had fallen asleep on their journey home so Avril put him straight in the cot at home. While he was sleeping I decided to send send some photos I had taken on Avril’s phone to my one so I could use them in my diary or just view/ keep them.

Once Harry woke up he played with me and Pa (Peter) for a while before Avril suggested that we take him to the mini park round the back of the house. Peter stayed behind go measure up the front decking which needs some repairs while Avril and I took him round the back to play. This mini park was empty but seemed to be aimed more at older children as the slide and climbing frame was higher, however Harry was capable of climbing up and using the slide. He also played on the spring (see-saw thing) a few different times, in between a brief swing, more sliding and even a climb on a bench.

When we returned back to the house, Pa played with Harry for a few minutes, while I started work on yet more diary, but Hollie arrived so Harry became really excited and ran to see him mum who then started to play with him. All evening Harry seemed a little bit hyper but this was put down to seeing his mum, he did still eat his dinner and have a bath just misbehaved by throwing things and ignoring instructions in between. After Harry was put to bed Hollie and I walked to the local shops which took about 15-20 minutes. The reason we went was because although Hollie had brought some shopping to Avril and Peter’s ready to make us dinner, she wanted to pick up 1 extra ingredient that she’d forgotten. The walk there and back gave us a great time to chat about my trip and being as though Hollie had travelled with a best friend and then alone in England she was able to give me great advice. She said its a learning curve, people will be in the same boat as me and not to sorry about things such as hostels, activities and going to the toilet because they aren’t as hard as you think they will be in your head. This did make me feel better but at the same time I am still apprehensive about going away, more so than when I left England. (I don’t really know why I didn’t feel scared leaving behind England but since I’ve been here I’ve realised that Avril and Peter are my 2nd parents so I’m really only at a home from home. This means travelling the East Coast will be the first proper time I fledged the nest and have to do things 100% for myself, including finding my accommodation and the right buses/ public transport to get me around. In fact it even includes doing the basics I’ve always had a mum to do and taken for granted like washing clothes and cooking dinner)

Now back home, Hollie recruited me to help with the dinner so I cut up some cucumber, onion (yes I cried over the onion) capsicum (red pepper) and snow peas (mange tout) while Hollie cooked the lamb, sliced the tomato, cooked the pitta bread, cut the avocado and made a dressing out of the Greek yogurt that we went to buy. Hollie also layered the plates up with mixed leave lettuce, all the ingredients above, jalapeños and olives. It was a massive lamb salad and it tasted really nice but obviously I had a salad without tomato, olives, avocado, jalapeños and had the dressing in a small desperate bowl. (Does that make me fussy… Then again other people had certain parts missing from their plates) After dinner I Skype’d dad back in England for a brief catch up and to try and organise transferring over my money, mum also finished her haircut before dad and I had finished talking so was able to chat to me too. We might even Skype again tomorrow to sort out the last few banky details. After the Skype call that ended up being a bit longer I thought, I found Avril and Peter had gone go bed. Hollie was still up watching a film, so I sat with her and text some of my English friends and brother. Once it finished she went to bed and I came to my room to write some more diary including this one… Yes this particular diary! That means I’m pretty much up to date with the diary I just need to tidy up a few previous ones but at least I’ll be able to write each day as it happens. (I’m not sure if that means I’ll writs more or less but looking back over this is say more because it must be fresher in my head- oh dear people prepare yourselves! That said I might write less when I get on my east coast travels because I’ll be busy with other things) I’m now off to clean my teeth and go to sleep because its 3am here although the clocks have just gone back to 2am… Happy days longer in bed! Night.


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