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Day 30 “No-Karting” (Friday 5th March 2013)

Today I was woken by Avril and Harry at my door just after 9am but because I was expecting that, it wasn’t to bad and I got up a short while later. I decided to skip breakfast which I later regretted but entertained Harry for a bit before we decided he would be tired enough to sleep during the long car journey home.

Unfortunately Harry didn’t sleep until an hour into the journey so I tried my best to keep him occupied but found myself dozing off too! The journey back seemed quicker than going so really wasn’t too bad, although we did stop at the land sales office again which broke up the final 20 minutes but also woke Harry. Speaking of the land sales office it was shut again today and we read an hours sign which looked like it didn’t open Thursdays and Fridays. We tried a couple of other on the way home too but they were all shut too, we even looked at a block of land that we thought was for sale but then realised it said sold on one of the two boards, so confused, Avril decided to leave it and email/ ring over the weekend.

When we got home Harry seemed playful so got some toys out of the box to join in, it wasn’t long before it was his lunch time and being as I skipped breakfast I was also munching on snacks. Peter was at work so Avril rang him to let him know Harry was here and he decided to come home bringing some shopping for a lunch of cheese and ham toasties. (Something I seem to be living off at the moment because I love them) When Pa (Peter to Harry) arrived home, Harry only has eyes and time for him so Avril made the food while I helped by bringing in the dustbins, I also watched Harry playing with Peter. Harry was well behaved while the 3 of us ate and after we’d finished, had another quick play with Pa, before he had to go to work. As it was a lovely sunny day outside I decided to get in the sun for a bit so took Harry’s soccer (football and calling it soccer hurts me inside!) ball and just kicked it around the garden. During this time Avril was occupying Harry and they did come out to play ball with me but soon it was time for Harry to have his afternoon rest and being as though he hadn’t had long for his first nap we were hopeful for this one. However Harry did start crying about 5 minutes after Avril put him to sleep but after another 10 minutes with us Avril tried again and he slept for about one and a half hours. During this time guess what I did, yeah that’s right a bit more diary… I’m so nearly up to date!

After Harry’s sleep Avril decided we could take him to the local park and pick up a bit more shopping on the way. So as I pushed Harry around the supermarket Avril grabbed some bits and bobs including a plastic cup to see if Harry was ready for the change from bottle to cup. With the shopping finished we headed to the park which was about a 2 minute drive away. The park was quite busy with some older children but Harry seemed to respond well to the environment and although one child a few years older than him kept trying to show off Harry seemed unfazed. While at the park Harry played on the slides, spring (sort of see-saw thing) and plastic dinosaur, he wouldn’t go near the plastic hippo with its mouth open though and I tried to put him in the swing but loaded him backwards so moaned and then didn’t want to try the correct way round… I felt like a lemon putting him in backwards though! After the park we headed home where Peter was now back from work and continued to play with Harry while I got showered and ready to go round Mick and Alex’s. The plan tonight was go-karting with Mick, Noddy, (Mick’s mate from Perth- when he used to live over there) Alex and Vanessa (Alex’s best friend) before Vanessa goes traveling to Europe for a month starting tomorrow.

While getting ready, Avril thawed some soup she had made the other day so I whooshed that down, said my goodbyes to everyone and left around 6pm. As I arrived, Alex was downstairs sorting out her washing and Mick was upstairs with Noddy who I meet for the first time and he was really drunk already. Vanessa wasn’t there yet but I found out she didn’t fancy go-karting… This was gutting because I had been looking forward to it since we planned it not long after the one I did at Phillip Island. However once I knew why, I totally understood, Vanessa had worked a long day today with 4 staff off ill, she also still had some packing to do, was leaving for England tomorrow and felt knacked! Noddy being drunk would have also made it hard to go-kart because of the obvious drink driving rule… Yes it applies to go-karts too. While Alex carried on with a few jobs us 3 boys decided to go and get some meat for a BBQ, as I drove I realises that Noddy was a really full on guy, constantly joking or trying to mimic the English accent. Once we had the bread and meat we went to get some alcohol than headed back, Mick and Noddy started to cook while I drank and spoke to Alex. Vanessa then arrived and although very tired had made the effort to come round the day before she left. (Thinking back I wouldn’t have done that before leaving for Australia, so fair play to her) The meat was ready so we all sat outside talking but as I had eaten and Vanessa is a vegetarian (and had also eaten) the 3 others tucked into the masses of food. After they had finished I did also mange a cheeky sausage or two. (I might be putting back on the weight I lost before coming to Oz with all these extra snacks I keep eating) before I cleared the table.

At this point Noddy left in a taxi for the city, so he could meet other friends but I didn’t really fancy it and Mick has a cold so feels terrible. The 4 of us left at Mick’s moved back inside and had a bit of a laugh and joke before Vanessa left a little while later. I hope to see her again when she and I get back from our separate travels… Go-karting will have to be put on hold until then. With just Mick, Alex and me left we decided to play Uno (the card game) and carried on drinking until about midnight. We all then headed to bed but it was really hot upstairs because Mick had the heating on and then managed to fall asleep without turning it off… To make matters worse the gauge in his room! Alex and I then had a Facebook convo from room to room to try and get the other person to go into Mick’s room and turn off the heating. In the end I decided to do it and using my phone light quietly snuck in but the dial on the gauge was really loud however it didn’t wake up Mick. (must have passed out from the man flu and beer!) With the heating off and “Success” messages on Facebook from Alex, I went to bed and then sleep a short while after texting some English friends.


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