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Day 28 “Afternoon Comedy” (Wednesday 3rd March 2013)

Being as though I had gone to bed so late last night, because I’d got caught up in my diary and texting friends for the UK, I woke up way later than I should of. However one of the Facebook conversations I had, with my cousin Tom let me know that the cast of Geordie Shore was heading to Sydney to film the latest series and as sad as it may be, I want to find them when I head up that way!

When I got out of bed around 1pm, Peter was working on his laptop again while Avril was making quiche for a baby shower they we going to Sunday afternoon. So after some breakfast I decided to help Avril, the only problem was where I had got up so late she had already finished one batch and needed some more ingredients to continue. While Peter went out to quickly to do something for work he offered to get some shopping on the way back, so while we waited, I decided to stalk the Geordie Shore casts Twitter accounts to see if I could find the plane they were heading in on… After a quick look around the net I found a Cathay Pacific flight that had left Hong Kong at the right time one of them had mentioned so I now had 6 hours to get to Sydney! Not, but I would be looking out for them when I head there next week. Once Peter arrived back with the pastry and meat, Avril cut the pastry into circles and placed them in a cupcake tin, I then ever so slightly helped because the bacon had already been cut and cooked plus the egg mix made, so I just needed to put some bacon then egg mix into the pastry and season with salt, pepper plus parsley. While I did this Avril prepared the meat ready to make a meat pie but there was no point making the pie in the end because Avril and Peter were going out for dinner so Avril made a large quiche with all the leftobers instead and I had it for a late lunch.

Now about 3:30 I decided to write another diary entry using my tablet so that i could sit on the sofa. Just as I was getting into it I started a whatsapp conversation with Mick to check an event with him and by the end of our chat he had invited me round to watch one of Lee Mack’s stand up’s (Going Out Tour) so I said I’d finish the dairy and come round. Also just before I left I loaded a custom ringtone onto Avrils phone something I’ve always been meaning to do to my phone but never got around to!

I took some of the quiche and headed to Mick’s at about 5:30 and not long after I got there, Paul turned up too so the 3 of us watched the comedy. It was really funny and I enjoyed it, but as Mick and Paul had an early start tomorrow morning, Paul and I separately headed home after it had finished. I was back here by 9:30pm but as I mentioned earlier Avril and Peter were going out for a meal tonight, had left while I was at Mick’s and still weren’t back, so I chilled on the sofa writing yet more diary! (Either I need to write less each day or hurry up and get level so then I only need to do 1 entry a day!) Once they got home we all relaxed on the sofa for a while before going to bed, where I finished off writing the diary entry I had started and text some English friends. I even Skype’d Roger and Steph at 1am as that was the only time the 3 of us could do for a while, which means I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am!


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