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Day 27 “Dinner Invite” (Tuesday 2nd April 2013)

Last night I had set an alarm to get myself up a little earlier as I really wanted to sort this stupid photo situation as well as other jobs I should have done yesterday, like write my diary or add the photos to Dropbox. However when I heard the alarm I decided it was too early and I turned it off, rolled over and went back to sleep!

When I got up properly I had quite a but to do and had written a list on my tablet but I doubted I could get it all done before our evening plans, which was an invite round David’s with Joan’s for dinner. (I also found out later that Phillip and Leanne were going as well) I started the day by trying to one last time to sort the pictures on my phone but I got them close enough to the right order and decided not to waste any more time on it. My phone had all the photos on and my tablet had all my Oz photos and I had even organised the photos on the PC as a back up so I felt happy enough. I then started to write some diary in the study before Avril came in to help me check through the itinerary for my booked trip up the east coast. (Although the trip is booked I can start it any time within the next 12 months and once I make the first journey from Sydney, the ticket becomes valid for up to 6 months… I also need to book a trip from Melbourne to Sydney preferable via Cambria)

There are 6 listed activities included in my ticket price and I started by asking Avril if I should I should add more because in each big town there was a list of about 10-15 other suggested trips or excursions. She said not to worry now and I could always add some on as I go, it this means I’m not tired down to certain places at certain times because the 6 included with the ticket are date to be confirmed due to the nature of the trip and others I add would want a date in place. Next Avril said I should look at where each activity is so I remember to get off the bus, she also said write down a few hostel numbers and places of the town there were in to help out when I got there, so I started to highlight and write notes on my printed bus timetable (the trip I’m doing is all bus/ coach based so its booked with Oz Experience but I use the Greyhound network of buses)

Avril and I stopped for a quick lunch break of meat pie and hash browns, then she went to the gym so I decided to have a shower and get dressed in preparation for tonight. Afterwards I jumped back on the PC and searched around on the internet for a while before Peter arrived back from work, set up his laptop in the dinning area to continue working. As I could see he was busy, I quickly asked his opinion on whether or not I needed to search each place. We came to the conclusion it would probably fine to just check out certain towns, hostels and prices to give me and idea of how to do it on the move. I wasn’t going to get loads of hostel numbers or Google each stop because I hope to build up knowledge from other travellers. (for example people going down the east coast who I happened to of crossed paths with either at a bar, beach, hostel etc.) Plus I will probably want to try at least one night at each stop to see if I like it anyway. The whole trip will be a learning curve and I hope to pick up little tips and trick on the way so for now I had a few highlighted stops on my timetable and started to download some apps that would help me find/ book hostels, point me in the direction of a cash point and even just show me a map and things around me.

Once Avril returned from the gym she asked how things had gone, which I explained and then and then she disappeared to get ready for this evening. Peter finished up his work for the day and went to get ready too but because I was ready I decided to upload some photos to Facebook and by now the photos were in Dropbox too so my parents could see them as well. Once we were already we headed off on about an hours journey to David’s place, we arrived just after 6pm and Joan had put on a great snack spread (roasted nut brie, pate and chips [crisps but I’m just trying to join in]) and offered us all drinks. The conversation flowed and occasionally Joan or David would check on dinner while we waited for Phillip and Leanne. (It turned out Phillip was held up at work because he’s a paramedic and like most service jobs you can’t just leave once you’ve worked your hours) At about 8pm once the 7 of us were there we pretty much went straight through to the dinning area and were served lovely roast beef meal with plenty of vegetables. After the meal we each had a MERENGUE draped in vanilla custard and topped with chopped strawberries, cherries and kiwi which was divine, also there had been a crème egg set at each place that I ate after the MERENGUE.

During the meal the conversation between the 7 of us was relaxed and easy, there were never any flat spots and I had a great evening. We could have been there all night but because Phillip had work early tomorrow, he and Leanne left first and then a short while later at around 10pm we made a move too. The journey home didn’t seem as long (it never does I don’t think and also on the way up I felt sick [maybe travel sick but I rarely get that so I’m unsure] which could have made it seem longer) and once we got back, Peter and Avril went straight to bed. However I quickly used the PC to finish uploading my photos on Facebook and then went to my room to write some more diary before going to sleep.


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