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Day 26 “Quiet Day” (Monday 1st April 2013 – Easter Monday & April Fools Day)

I woke up today with no plans again, however as I was due to be travelling soon I really want to get on top of my diary! Also I wanted to get my photos on Facebook as well as sent back to my parents via Dropbox and considering the hassle I had last time with photos I knew today wasn’t going to be stress free. Although today was April fools I didn’t have any trick or pranks up my sleeve and don’t even know if Australia has such a day here.

Avril and Peter were going to a lunch meal with 3 other couples for their friend, Gill’s 60th birthday. This meant I had a nice quite house to really crack on with the diary and photo sort. During this time I realised apple products aren’t particualy compatible with windows PC’s because upon taking photos off and adding new ones on to my photos it knocked others out of order again. I tried to sort them for ages but it didn’t help at one point I ended up with a really slow photo gallery on my phone. (In the end I gave up but I was trying on and off with different programs/ software all day! All I managed to do is speed back up the photo gallery by taking it all off and adding it again and add new photos eg. The animal rescue photos from my actual camera) While jumping between sorting photos and writing some diary Mick rang to say he would be training at the gym and then come round afterwards as he had left his sunglasses in the 4×4. When he got here at about 3:15pm, Mick asked what was for lunch and being into my toasted sandwiches I suggested them but then realises we didn’t have any bread so Mick suggested a Nando’s which is just down the road and I agreed. I paid, but Mick had to collect it because I was still faffing around on the computer now trying to add the photos into Dropbox.

When Mick returned we had a half a chicken in hot sauce and lots of chips, this tasted similar to back home but was the same in dollars as we pay pounds, meaning it was about 2/3’s of the English price. After the food, Mick got his glasses and head back home, leaving me to write some more diary. Another hour passed and then Avril and Peter arrived back with Daryl and Denise at around 5:30pm even though Peter had said they’d be back around 2pm! I came out of the study to speak with everyone because Daryl and Denise are so nice and easy to get on with. A short while later with drinks in hand, the conversation turned serious and I headed back to the study so I could continue sorting the photos on my phone and in Dropbox, it was really starting to annoying me though! (Dropbox wouldn’t upload very quickly and the photos on my phone and tablet always seem hard to sort out) I came out the room a few times but tax, money and superannuation’s (which I think is similar to our pensions) were the main topics of conversation. At around 8pm if not a little later Daryl and Denise left but not before Avril and Peter had suggested a takeaway but they needed to get home for something so declined but Peter still ordered pizza for us because it was too late to cook. I offered to pay and in fact did manage to give Avril some money but not actually pay for the pizza and then went to collect it just down the road in Diamond Creek. (about a 3 minute drive away) After the food I Skype’d mum and dad back in England and had a nice long chat about what I’d been up to, when I was travelling and if I it was possible to transfer me money across because I was running out fast! (Everything is really expensive here but then again so are the wages, so working here after the travel makes the most sense)
After the chat back home, which both Avril and Peter joined in with (which makes a change as I usually Skype in the mornings from my bed) they decided to call it a day and went off to bed and as usual I stayed up for a bit sorting out the damn photos before I went to sleep too. đŸ™‚


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