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Day 25 “Animal Rescue” (Sunday 31st March 2013 – Easter Sunday)

I awoke round Mick’s again today and Alex had planned for the 3 of us to go to an animal rescue house next door to her Mum’s place. (Alex’s also knew the neighbour as a friend from when she lived at home) but Vanessa had to go home because her family were having an Easter meal. First of all though Mick wanted to drop the 4×4 off and it would also give me the chance to drop my things off, shower and change before we left.

On route home we stopped at a ‘Bunnings’ (a store similar to B&Q back in England) to see if I could get the right sensor light for Peter. Inside the staff were really friendly and pointed me in the right direction they also had complementary hot cross buns so Mick and I grabbed a chocolate hot cross bun each and headed to the lighting section – it was my first chocolate one and boy was is good! In the light section I could really find what I wanted it again all appeared to be outdoor sensor lighting or plug in so I asked another guy and he showed me to the perfect light… Small battery powered movement sensor light, I thanked the guy loads cos after about 5 shops I finally had what I’d been looking for. On the way to pay we got some batteries too, just in case Peter didn’t have them and contemplated getting another hot cross bun but didn’t, then Mick brought me and the motor back home.

As Mick helped me unload the Nissan Patrol, he said he’d go home now and get ready while I did the same here. This was a good idea cos then I could drive myself home later rather than rely on Mick to drop me back, so I unpacked a bit, had a shower, got changed and then had a quick bite to eat (tuna, cheese roll heated in the sandwich press and a banana after – lovely) before driving back to Mick’s.

When I got there, both Mick and Alex were ready to go and Mick drove Alex’s car to the animal rescue house which was up a large hill, on route we stopped and brought some fresh flowers for Alex’s to put around the home. Once we arrived the LADY showed us to the kangaroos , which were only Joeys and I stroked one and took loads of pictures this was an amazing oz experience! Next we saw a horse and couple of EMU’S from a distance before heading on to the wallaby, these seemed similar to kangaroos but far more shy however I did get to briefly touch one and take some photos. Next we were taken into an avery full of parrot looking colourful birds, I even went inside the cage and had birds all around me, some even landed on my shoulder and hands (I also got poo’d on but it was worth it) after taking a few pictures we moved on to the LADY’S last area. In this room were 6 wombats sleeping in a big box but we got to wake them up so they could play run around the room. This was so cool because they played all around our feet and let us stroke and take pictures of them, Alex even got to feed some of them. Mick and I also picked up a wombat and posed for a photo, we also took loads of other photos and just being around the wombats and touching them was one experience I hope never to forget! (Not many people will get to do that in Australia!) This was then end of the tour and we said goodbye and thanks to the LADY then headed back down the dirt track road to Alex’s mums house. (this was a 2 minute drive because although neighbours, LADY owns 55 acres- making for some stunning views!)


Stoking a wombat at the animal rescue house

Alex’s mum’ Wendy and her partner Greg lived in a big 1 acre plot and have a lovely house, while we were there Greg was just planting some flowers in the garden. Alex gave us a tour of the house including a loft conversion which was as big as a flat! (It had a shower, toilet, kitchen sitting room and bedroom!) Then we stayed and spoke to Wendy and Greg for a bit, both of which are really friendly people. (I would also be seeing them this Sunday as Alex was going to host a meal for her Mum, Greg, Avril, Peter, Mick and me because Avril and Wendy have known each other since school but don’t get to see each other as much as they’d like. After a while we left to go to Alex’s sister, Sam’s place because she was on holiday and someone needed to feed her dogs but on route stopped at PLACE for Mick and Alex to get some food. While at Sam’s place we played with the dogs and had a brief look around- because Mick saw the DJ decks in a room and wanted to check them out… Also Sam’s boyfriend brewed his own beer so it was good to see that. Once the dogs were feed and played with, we headed home, once back Mick added photos to Facebook (after the problem Mick had of uploading “0 pictures”) and some people seemed really envious, what a great day we had! (Alex also text some pictures to Vanessa [a girl who loves animals so much] and she was gutted she couldn’t of come with us today!)

Now back at Mick’s I decided to stay round a little longer and we watched a Tim Vine stand up comedy tour while eating a hedgehog snack or two! I then drove myself home and decided to write some diary before going to bed. I still can’t believe how good the animal rescue place was… What a great day!


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