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Day 24 “BBQ and Board Games” (Saturday 30th March 2013)

I woke up on the sofa with Paul flicking my nose, he had been awake since 6:30am and it was now 9:30am so he got me and Mick up so we could do something today. However when the 3 of us spoke about last night we all agreed Phillip Island isn’t designed for the youth and we had pretty much done everything we wanted to other than see the penguins (at least I saw them at the zoo and aquarium) so we would have breakfast here and look around a bit before coming back home.

Mick drove the Nissan into town about 8 minutes away from the house and we parked up then looked for a cafe, the area we were is was where the club was last night and at the top of the hill was a busy little cafe so we figured it must be good (or the only one) so we all ordered a breakie. I have to say my egg and bacon sand which was pretty damn good but with a slight hangover greasy food always tastes even better! After we had eaten and chilled for a bit in the cafe we decided to go and check out a koala reserve as long as it was free because it was mentioned we’d spent enough money already.

As we pulled into the reserve it looked quite busy and there was no sign saying it was free so we did a circuit of the car park before driving straight back out. As we were heading off Phillip Island ready so come back come we drove past an off road track and Mick had been dying to go on it since seeing it yesterday so we detoured onto it before seeing what the patrol had to offer. Unfortunately the track was relatively smooth and when we got to one end saw a couple of other people and asked if there wasa any routes that were better but they said it had recently be flattened there were still some small bumps if we went looking. We decided to take a different part of the track back and did find some rivets, Mick was loving driving about and both me and Paul were enjoying the ride, the Nissan Patrol was coping with these bumps and verges really well and it was only in 2 wheel drive mode… I can only assume this is a monster on proper off road tracks with the 4 wheel drive mode active!

Once we came back to the road we decided we had had enough of Phillip Island and headed back, looking for a car wash on route home. Being just a normal Saturday and not Good Friday anymore far more places were open and we found a car wash quite soon into the journey. This car wash like the car was was a manual one so Mick and I got washing (using the various settings such as per wash, low and high powered water, foam brush and after wax… And unlike back in the UK that I’ve seen, you just pay for time here and can use any setting) while Paul went a bought a drink, Mick then decided to get a drink and we headed onwards.

Once we got back to Micks place Paul drove himself home and I was just going to get a lift back with Mick, when Alex arrived home. She asked why we were home early so we explained there was nothing to do in Phillip Island and she invited me in and said we could have a BBQ tonight because her friend Vanessa was coming round too. Also to really cheer me up there were Hedgehogs on the side (not animals but a chocolate and biscuit snack) as well as leftovers sweet leftovers (banana & pineapple cake and potato donuts with cinnamon and sugar) from Vanessa’s Mum’s where Alex had been yesterday.

After a few snacks Mick said he was gonna pop to Doncaster to look around the shopping centre and asked if I wanted to go, so I agreed and we jumped back in the Nissan and went shopping. We only had a look in a few clothes shops, where Mick brought some trousers and then a couple of hi-fi shops because he wanted to buy a big dock sound system for his iPhone but didn’t buy one as he had seen a cheaper one on Gumtree. After a few text to the lady selling the dock, he agreed a price and we decided to go and collect it tonight and headed straight there from Doncaster. When we got to the address a man answered and said he wasn’t selling a dock, turned out it was his neighbour and she had sent the wrong address to Mick! All picked up we headed back to Mick’s place where Vanessa and Alex were.

In the evening we all had a few drinks and played card games outside while Mick cooked the food on the BBQ, then after dinner we played some Taboo (a description game but with the exception of not being able to use 5 certain words for example describe pirate with out using parrot, eye patch, sailor, sea or ship.) unfortunately Mick and I lost this game so changed partners and I still lost. We then went back inside and played a little bit of Wii Pictionary but found it too hard on the TV, so instead watched the start of a film called “The Change Up” before Mick went to bed with a headache and Vanessa Alex and I followed suit about 30 minutes later.


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