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Day 22 “Peters Birthday” (Thursday 28th March 2013)

Today I woke up in a little panic, it was Peters birthday and I hadn’t got any wrapping paper, so came out with a card and wished him a Happy Birthday, while I looked for a newspaper or magazine and then some selotape! I eventually found some wide sized tape and grabbed an old newspaper next to the bin (Its rare there is newspaper in the house in fact that was the first one I had seen – it wasn’t in the bin because like everywhere these days its all about recycling!) and wrapped Peters present, the newspaper even said the world family on it so I circled it and handed it over and his reaction was great, saying I didn’t have so and shouldn’t of. However when it was opened Peter, still thankful realised it wasn’t what I thought it was but made out like it would be OK even though I felt terrible and knew it needed changing! (I meant to get a standalone battery powered motion sensor with light but somehow bought just the sensor that needed wiring and didn’t come with a light!!)

As today was a weekday Peter was working (from home) and Avril was also at work, so I left Peter to his laptop and went to finish the things on the computer that had annoyed me yesterday, like syncing all the photos back to my phone and tablet as well as sorting out the Dropbox so Mum and Dad back home could see some of the pictures I’d taken. After a while of faffing around I decided it was lunch time and came out of the study and offered to make Peter lunch, he said yes so I offered a cheese and ham toasty but then realised there was left over pie Avril wanted us to eat. Thinking on my feet I thought I’d do both and have a meal fit for kings and even made Peter a cup of tea to wash it all down.

After lunch I went back and attempted to write some more diary but it seems I never get to far when before I realise I’ve wasted a couple of hours. This time I blame Facebook and texts, one conversation I had with Mick was about him coming round to see Peter for his Birthday but Avril, now home from work, said come for dinner so Mick and Alex were gonna come round later. This gave Peter and I a chance to go into Diamond Creek and pick up a birthday cake as he hasn’t had one all day, we also picked up some other bits and bobs because Avril and Peter were going away for Easter too. We got the bread, booze and shopping bought before looking into the other bakery that sold cakes for a birthday one, Peter then chose a $27 (£18) vanilla cheesecake and I paid because I couldn’t let him buy his own cake.

That evening while back on the computer I heard the door go and late as usually was Mick with Alex and the 5 of us had ham and mash for dinner with the mixed (frozen) vegetables I’ve spoken about before, only this time I’ve realised they are Heniz meaning we might be able to get them back in the UK. For desert we had the cheesecake after singing Happy Birthday to Peter, although an expensive came it was so dense and a little slice went a long way, it was also really nice too. By the time we had eaten and Mick and Alex had left it was bedtime for Avril and Peter but I stayed up and on the PC trying to sort everything including my diary… Time escaped me and I got to bed around 1am even though I was off to Phillip Island tomorrow around 11am but wasn’t even packed! To make matters worse I then couldn’t sleep so even had a brief spell answering Facebook messages at 2am (Thanks Steph) as it was only 1pm in England but soon after that I must have dozed off because I don’t remember checking the clock again.


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