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Day 21 “Preparing to Travel” (Wednesday 27th April 2013)

This morning I woke up and didn’t have any plans however as I was due to go travelling soon I thought that I would prepare myself at little. Firstly I wanted to test the cables for my tablet checking if I could uploads pictures/ videos directly to it from my phone (I already knew pictures from my camera to the tablet worked so I was hopeful for my phone working) and I also wanted to store some pictures I’ve taken here on my tablet. Then I planned to back up the photos on my phone and wipe the camera roll so I could get to my Australia photos quickly and easily distinguish them. Finally I hoped to get my Dropbox in order so I could send photos home and have a backup.

If technology allowed me to do everything I wanted then the jobs listed above would have taken less than a couple of hours, however it didn’t and I was pretty much sorting out things all day and what’s worse is one job lead me to another so I wasn’t really ever getting anywhere! I started with all the cables for my tablet and discovered that although I could get the photos off my camera and onto the tablet that videos wouldn’t copy over! After a long search I realised a paid app could help but this annoyed me so I looked for something else but it didn’t exist so I went to buy it but the price was in Australia Dollars and I wanted it in pounds but that was a palaver to change and in the end I didn’t buy it but may need to during my travels. The next annoyance is that iPhone wouldn’t let me access on it when connected to the tablet in fact all it did was steal the Nexus 7’s power to charge itself!

Pictures from computer to tablet

Another problem I faced was upon using the computer as the middle man to access the photos on my phone I realised it was an all going to be easier as an all or nothing procedure so once copied off I decided to sort them because I had close to 1800 pictures and videos. I also then realised I should have deleted the as they were copied off as iTunes isn’t the best at allowing you to do this or even to upload photos to the phone! After a long time of sorting the photos I wanted to put the albums I had made back on the phone but clear the camera roll, however this turned into an effort when sync’ing with the new albums couldn’t delete the camera roll but instead the album I had created in England when I first got my phone! Finally I realised I could use Dropbox to help upload and windows explorer to delete the camera pictures that I had now backed up… But the realisation only came after many Google searches and programs installed on the PC which didn’t end up helping! Oh and another thing, upon putting the photos back on the iPhone in albums some of the videos weren’t uploading because they were MP4’s however I had taken them off the very phone I wanted to put them back on… I tried to sort this but it wasn’t working and time had got on even though I had only taken a few breaks to eat etc, it was actually bedtime so I’d have to sort that tomorrow.

Today I had also written some of my diary and played about with my emails and Facebook so although not the most productive day I was starting to prepare things/ get up-to-date so I was ready to travel. (Best to learn now that my cables won’t do everything I need now, rather than in the middle of no where without the internet to solve the problem!) I would try and sort the rest of the things tomorrow as well as get the diary to a day by day activity before I went to Phillip Island which I was doing this Easter weekend coming! One final thing to note for the day was that meat pie and mash was for dinner and because Dad doesn’t like gravy and pastry I had never tried it, but when I did, like many of Avril’s meals I loved it! 🙂


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