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Day 20 “Shopping Trip” (Tuesday 26th March 2013)

Today Avril needed to go to Doncaster shopping centre which was a Westfield just like some of our shopping places back home eg. Bluewater, to pick up a present for her friends birthday. This would also give me an opportunity to pick up a present for Peter who’s birthday was this coming Friday.

As we arrived at the shopping centre and Avril showed me a chocolate shop just inside the door, it sold the most amazing chocolates, for while to dark and melted to would, they even sold shots and drinks using their liquid chocolate as well as sweet pizzas! We then went to the cinema kiosk to pick up some gold tickets for Avrils Friend, these tickets are above the premium class and include an electric armchair each, but they can cost up to $39 (£27 ish) or about $25 on a tight arse Tuesday.

After this we went downstairs to the shopping centre and it struck me of how big it was and I said I wanted to get Peter a motion sensor for the bathroom back home and Avril lead me to a shop that might sell them called ‘The Big W’ but it was more like our Primark so I only managed to get a birthday card and Avril got some Easter chocolate. The next shop we tried called ‘Target’ was the same so Avril suggested trying a specific lighting shop on the way home but while we were at Doncaster centre we went looking for Brave on DVD for Avril to give Peter for his Birthday and it wasn’t in ‘The Big W’ and only on double play (DVD and Blu-Ray) so was loads of money. We headed to ‘JB hi-fi’ similar to out HMV and found the DVD and also brought a twin pair of phones and Avrils phone at home wasn’t working to well. The last shop we went to was clothes shop that sold Havana thongs (flip flops) the most popular brand here but they didn’t have my size in stock so I’ll have to look online.

As we headed home we stopped at Woolworths a supermarket for some food and I had another check for motion sensor bulbs but to no avail. The final stop we made was back in Diamond Creek at ‘Mitre 10’ a DIY shop and I got a sensor light there (however it turned out to only be a sensor! Ooops!) When we got home I just chilled on my tablet before Avril said she was going out tonight with some of the women around the neighbourhood so Peter would be cooking some snags (sausages) and fried potatoes so I prepared a quick salad as it was all coming together and Avril had left. We then watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and had some Fox’s fruits. Avril came home towards the end of the film and watched some with us before calling it a night and 10 minutes later when it had finished Peter and I went to bed too.


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