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Day 7 “Getting Sorted” (Wednesday 13th March 2013)

Today I had no special plans, so that gave me a chance to get an Aussie number sorted using the sim I had bought on the weekend, (which meant getting O2 to unlock my phone) sort out my bank account, look into car insurance so I can drive while out here, look at any course I could do (ie. Responsible serving of alcohol – RSA) to aid me getting a job out here and finally catch up with some friends/ family back in England.

Firstly Avril rang their insurance company and added me to their policies, I asked how much I owed but not for the first time I wasn’t told because Avril was paying. Next we started to look online at courses ranging from RSA, RSF, (responsible serving of food) to bistro and also gaming licence (which doesn’t mean I can become a professional gamer but rather serve alcohol in a bar that has a mini fruit machine room – I guess like an 18+ arcade/ mini casino back in the UK only they are far more common here) but the courses were $80 (£53 ish) each and valid all across Australia except New South Wales and Queensland – which is where I plan to do most of my travel so it wouldn’t help me get a job along the way. I spend a while reading and looking around various websites, I was also trying to find out if the courses could be valid in the other 2 states but the lady Avril spoke to about the Victoria courses tended to think I would need to do a free bridging courses similar to what Queensland and New South Wales trainees have to do when going to the other states. For now I decided not to book any courses but it is something I plan to continue thinking about because it appears that the RSA is a legal requirement to get a job in a bar.

After googling the courses, I went to O2’s website and filled out a mobile unlocking form, which turns out is free for my phone and because I’m a pay monthly customer, but says can take up to 10 days. It almost took that to get the form sent through to O2 due to the various site maintenance issues, iPad and then internet explorer compatibility issues and the website loading the wrong form to fill in, but it did eventually send using a proper PC on chrome browser, however the confirmation that said they had received my form, mentioned that the process can take up to 28 days! Next Avril took me to the local bank to activate an account, it took a little while to sort out but I am from the UK and had to show my visa and passport so I can understand… The better news was there weren’t any forms to fill out but the bad news was that Australians have fees on there accounts, mine is $4 (£1.33 ish( a month for the ‘privilege’ of them looking after my money! Also I have to use my banks cash points or I face more charges, even asking for money in branch costs a couple of dollars! We then headed back home and I began to message a few of my friends before catching up, updating and commenting on Facebook. In this time I discovered Roger had come through his operation and we spoke/ he sent pictures on Facebook, it all still looked pretty saw and it was evident Roger hadn’t had much sleep but it was nice to type a few messages and we agreed to Skype later that day. I also found out that Mick had broken his toe today at work and could hardly walk let alone work, he was maybe going to come round for dinner but didn’t because he couldn’t drive.

Preparing Dinner

After that I found myself helping out with dinner… I had to shred the rest of yesterdays chicken, cut up some vegetables and grate some cheese because Avril was going to make a chicken carbonara. Being the fussy and sometimes perfectionist that I am I didn’t want any chewy/ fatty bits of meat so shredding the chicken took a while but I got a lot off and it was all the best bits. Then Avril turned the ingredients into a meal but she must of added some love too because it was absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to have it again! (Who says Avril can’t cook! I’m starting to think it’s an excuse as she doesn’t want to rather than she can’t!) After dinner I went back to the PC to check Facebook. Skype Roger (It was great to see my brother and provide a bit of support for him despite being on the other side of the world) and start on this diary but ended up there until about 2am, oops! However just as I was going to bed O2 emailed me (at first I wondered why they had emailed so late then realised it was England’s afternoon, due to the time difference) and said my phone had successfully been unlocked, this was so much earlier than I thought and had been told, so I was pretty happy however I couldn’t check out my Australian sim card until some point tomorrow because right now I needed some sleep.

At the moment I seem to be writing more each day, not less! But if I go traveling I’m sure that will change as I may not be able to get on the internet as easily or stay up as late to write it. 🙂


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