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Day 19 “Show Home Village” (Monday 25th March 2013)

When I woke up quite late again compared to everyone else who had heard Harry I found out that Hollie, Harry and Avril were going to look at show homes today so I decided to tag along leaving Peter to stay home and work.

The place we went to is a big area of display homes in one place… Making a kind of village or model street of real houses you can buy and then have build on a plot of land. There was also more than one company there but each one made you walk through their sales area so they could check what you were after, help you buy/ find the right place to build (which always took a little while, especially when they don’t stop talking which happened in one place) and it also kept you fenced in so you couldn’t just pop in and out of any house only the houses for that company.

We looked at quite a few different homes having one little break for Harry to play on a slide in a kind of mini park (also on this show home village street) and the one thing that stood out most to me was the big size of the homes, even the ones Australians coincided small, however the majority were bungalows which does make a difference I suppose. While looking around each house, Harry was watching cartoons but because we were there quite a while he did get bored of them, in one particular place I mentioned earlier this man was being really helpful but just wouldn’t stop talking so I took Harry away to play on the slide again, while Hollie and Avril finished up because then we would be leaving. However Harry banged his head on the slide and needed Mum who by now was on her way, as she calmed Harry down it was evident he was getting tired and we would need to go but it was still a few minutes before Avril escaped the talkative man.

Hollie and Harry then headed home while Avril and I went to check out some plots of land in TOWN, Avril drove to the information desk first as the talkative man had said (he’d also rang up to check a few things with them) and we picked up some details from a slightly clueless assistant (In her defence someone else was meant to help us but had popped out and didn’t know when she’d be back) before heading out to check the plots of land. The first one we went to look at didn’t have a road that we could find so instead Avril drove to the next ones, one of which looked good but said it was sold and the other which wasn’t too good as it had a 2 story house behind who could always look in mean Avril and Peter would have less privacy. A little tired and no closer to finding a plot we headed back home.

Avril was going out tonight so Peter and I would have to fend for ourselves this meant we would have sausages (or snages as I’ve heard the Ozzies say) and chopped fried potatoes. When Avril left Peter began cooking on the sausages on the BBQ and potatoes in the kitchen, who knew he could cook as well. As it was all coming together I prepared the salad and then we decided to watch a film (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) while we ate dinner, we also had some English sweets “Fox Clear Fruits” to enjoy with the film. About half way through Avril came home and started to watch with us but was too tired to make it to the end so went to bed and Peter and I finished watching it- its not a bad film… I had heard bad things but personally I quite enjoyed it. After it ended Peter stayed up reading for a little bit while I went to bed to write some of my diary before turning the light out and going to sleep.


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