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Day 18 “Lazy Day” (Sunday 24th March 2013)

I woke up at Micks again and with nothing to disturb me and after the late night I had I didn’t stir until around 11:30 and found myself in an empty home apart from the pet cat and dog. Mick was just picking up Paul to come back here and then they were then going to the gym, Alex was at work and Natalie had gone home in the night as she couldn’t sleep at Mick and Alex’s place. (probs cos she was on the sofa and I had the bed but again I did try and offer it to Natalie numerous times!) When Mick and Paul came in briefly I decided to leave when they went to the gym, but not before getting the cat in that I let go outside… Ooops silly me for not knowing a cat can’t leave the house! (Still it makes a change than letting them poo in other peoples gardens!)

Once back home I saw Hollie and her FRIENDS, who had completed a 5k run to raise money for baby William who only has half a heart… The target was $500 but the money raised was about $3800, so they had done really well. Also Anth, Harry and Peter were home so it made for another busy day in the Bristow house. When everyone apart from me, Avril and Peter left around 1:30pm, I was planning on having a lazy day, hoping once and for all to conquer my remaining emails and write some more diary. I had sent the emails I needed to and was just writing this diary which means I’m now back up to date with all texts, emails and Facebook notifications… Just need to get level on the diary. But only a couple of hours after she left, I heard Hollie’s voice at the door, she had come back to spend the night at Avrils with Harry, while woody went home to have a decent nights sleep ready for an early start on the farm Monday morning. (Went Hollie, Anth and Harry had left earlier I thought it was to go home but they had been at a christening)

The rest of the afternoon went by quite quickly as I was chatting to Hollie and entertaining Harrison and Peter suggested fish and chips for dinner. This would give me a chance to try flake or in other words shark (None of the standard cod or Pollock in Oz) so Petter ordered it grilled and fried, turns out I liked the grilled flake more but both are a nice flavour and not to fishy tasting for me. Peter also order DUMPLINGS steamed and fried they tasted like dumplings to me and this time fried was better! Something else pretty cool about the meal was potato cakes, which are similar to, but broke up the repetition of chips. (Not to be confused with the Australian for chips, which cam also means crisps) After dinner Harry went to bed, I just relaxed on the sofa and Skyped my friend Luke, (it had snowed over night where he lived in Essex, England and we are getting temperatures in the mid 20’s everyday) Avril and Hollie were checking out some homes on the internet and Peter was busy working on his laptop. As the evening got later we all decided to go to bed, but I stayed awake for a little while to write some more diary.

Turns out there is no such thing as a lazy day around here, something is usually happening here, even when they aren’t any plans! 🙂


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