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Day 15 “Market” (Thursday 21st March 2013)

I again woke up today at Micks, which is becoming a bit of a second home to me. Jess hadn’t stayed the night but had come back in the morning ready to take me, Hannah and Mick to the Market, while Alex was at work. (She is a paramedic and heard about the job through Phillip)

The drive into the City took a little while but there was some serious traffic about and once we arrived at Victoria Market the size of it just overwhelmed me! The was loads of different stools ranging from, fruit and vegetables to clothes as well as from shoe insoles to sea food and cheese! Mick still had a slightly saw foot and I was happy walking with him taking in all the sights, while the girls raced off to have a quick look around. (That’s a little bit of role reversal cos I thought woman liked shopping and I know I usually hate it!) It didn’t take Mick and I long to find a place to eat after we had looked at the fresh fruit and veg part of the market, so we grabbed some food and the girls joined us, before we went to look around the next part.


Mick found some great boxers in the next section and we could only think it was Calvin’s brother who made them! There was so much to see so Mick and I carried on our leisurely stroll while looking at all sorts. There were boomerangs, didgeridoos, hats, towels, t-shirts, phone cases, socks, shoes, work gear, pet shops, sweets, heat pads, insoles and much more but we did discover the market tends to repeat its self however its would still be big even if it didn’t. I didn’t buy anything but enjoyed looking around and Mick got a hat with neck protector, socks and ankle and a wrist support all for work.

After that section of the market we meet back up with the girls to go and look at the fresh meat, seafood and cheese area. It was in a big room and had the most odd smell of those 3 foods mixed together. Mick loves his cheese so brought some feta and brie as well as some chilli olives to go with it. But by now Jess has got annoyed with how slow Mick and I are walking around… I tried to explain that we weren’t in a rush, had all day, plus I had never been and wanted to look around while Mick had a sore/ broken toe. The excuses didn’t seem to help our cause and I think it was time to leave as Jess didn’t look too happy. On the way home we stopped for Jess to get cigarettes (maybe that’s why she wasn’t so happy) but she was also getting annoyed with mine and Micks’s questions and was starting to give blunt or silly answers!

When we got home we were all quite tired so just put on easy watch TV (FoneJacker) before I decided to leave. Jess had now fallen asleep (Maybe another reason she was annoyed with me and Mick) but still managed to say bye, Mick said cya and as Hannah would be leaving tomorrow at 4pm, I probably wouldn’t see her before she went so I wished her a safe journey and then drove back to Avril and Peters place.

In the evening we ate the lasagna that Avril had cooked the other day and needless to say it was gorgeous. Then just relaxed with the TV on, before going to bed. 🙂


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