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Day 12 “Back To Work” (Monday 18th March 2013)

This morning the unfamiliar sound of an alarm clock work me up at 6:20am to get ready for work again today. After having a few Weet Bix (similar to our Weetabix but smaller and more flakey) and getting my pack lunch ready I waited outside for Mick to pick me up and drive me back to the job location.

It was another tough day, but having the weekend break had really helped me recover from Friday’s shock to the system. Today I did similar jobs, made cement mix and helped get rocks for Paul and Mick and slowly the wall was starting to take shape – I thought it looked pretty good too! It was another long day finishing at 4:30pm ish but we at least finished before 5pm today, I’m not used to such long hours and on top of that such a physically demanding job. During the day the 3 of us did stop for a couple of food breaks and obviously had a few laughs, jokes and banter along the way too including talking about going to Philip Island for a lads weekend, economising (always coming back with something in my hand or moving cement boards so they’re closer) and Mick in the wheelchair all day at the Zoo. We also got offered a beer by the lady that owned the house we were building the wall for- which seems odd to me that people drink on a job but it didn’t stop me accepting! Another factor that made the day hard was the sun (I did have sun cream on but the sweat makes it run into your mouth and eyes) and heat that I’m not used to… I even had to put cream on Mick’s back which caused yet more laughter between the 3 of us- mainly cos I really went for it as I  didn’t want Mick blaming me if he burnt! When the days long hard work was finally over (after you notice the kids go and get back from school- and to think I used to find that hard) Paul headed home, while Mick dropped me back, then headed home himself. (Paul and Mick even went to the gym a little while later… Nutters – obviously didn’t work hard enough during the day)

When back home I went for a shower to get rid of the dirt but also to give me the second wind I needed in order to last until the evening. While I was in the shower, Phillip popped round to catch up with Avril and I saw him briefly before he continued his dog walk, also Harrison was still here but Hollie had gone to see friends and then meet her Mother-in-Law so they could sleep in Melbourne ready to film Australia’s Deal or No Deal tomorrow. (Top prize is only [I say only… Its still loads of money] $200,000 [£130,000 ish] compared to our £250,000) Whilst getting dry I realised I hardly had any chickenpox left on my face or in my beard (which had grown while I had the pox meaning I couldn’t shave it because of the blisters) or my body for that matter, although I’m still not 100% back to normal, however I have grown quite attached to the beard, so I was thinking of tidying it up but still keeping it.

Once I was dry and dressed I played with Harry a little bit before relaxing while dinner was prepared, which was going to be Roast Lamb… So happy and Avril had also cooked a lasagna to freeze! (How can she think she’s a bad cook, most people would struggle with just a roast- myself included, let alone a lasagna as well but on top of that she had taken Harrison out all day to the park to play and feed the ducks which is tiring and then kept him occupied with Peter all afternoon and early evening before his bedtime around 6:30) With Harry in bed a short while later we ate and after the roast, we chilled on the sofa for a little while before calling it a night, Avril probably wouldn’t get much sleep because of Harry being ill and restless and I needed to sleep after a long day and before work tomorrow.


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