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Day 6 “Family” (12th March 2013)

As Avril and Peter hadn’t bought a caravan yesterday and after sleeping on the decision of which one, were going back using the free tickets to make the final choice. This left me at home and would be the first real time to see if I got homesick because people tend to say free and alone time can bring it on… But before I could even contemplate that and while catching up on my emails etc, the door when and Phillip (Avril’s brother) arrived. We had such a nice long conversation which was great because I haven’t seen Phillip that much over my life but the conversation was flowing like we’d know each other forever. Next Phillip suggested going back to his for a tour, so I hopped in the shower (and what a shower it is… Wet floor and powerful or spray shower with adjusting height – great for me cos of how tall I am, furthermore there’s a bath , basin, towel heat and heat lights in the room!) before getting a lift round to Phillips place, which is only about 5 mins down the road in a car.


When I arrived I was given the tour of the house, firstly I noticed that the family of four have 5 cars and a boat between then and inside was massive, with 3 bedrooms – 2 on suites, a toilet right by the other bedroom, 2 sitting rooms, 2 dinning room, a study and kitchen. Plus there is a basement area in which Ryan (Phillips 21 year old son eldest child) lives, with a bedroom – with a walk in wardrobe, big bathroom, sitting room and kitchen in it! I also saw the swimming pool in the garden and great views out the back of their house. I then meet Ryan and his friend Emit, as they had the day off. This was the first time I’d ever meet Ryan (and Emit for that matter!) but due to his friendly nature I found myself have a joke and laugh with him before long. Phillip lives in the house with Leanne his wife, Kiah (who’s their 18 year old daughter) and then Ryan has is own privacy in the ‘flat’ (basement below the house) but I didn’t meet Leanne or Kiah today because they were at work. (however I have met them in England a couple of years ago – March 2011 I believe), but Ryan was in Canada at the time hence I had never met him)

Ryan suggested we go for lunch but Emit had to go and pick up his girlfriend, so Ryan drove the 3 of us, in his new to him 4×4 that he’ll use to take the boat down to the lake, and we went to a little cafe in A TOWN. Inside the cafe the food looked good and tasted better plus Phillip paid which was kind. Something simple in the cafe caught my eye though a chalk board that can change the colour of the chalk. I’m guessing its all white chalk writing and without being noticeable the board behind changes colour or emits light, it looked pretty cool. (little things eh!) After the food Phillip had to pick up a slab of beer, which I had no idea what that was so asked Ryan who said carton… Turns out its what we English say is a crate! Back at Phillips house, he said goodbye as he now had some work to do and Ryan ran me back to Avril and Peters place (or what I’m calling home!)

I then just chilled for a bit before Avril and Peter arrived back in the early evening from the caravan show without buying again but the shortlist was down to 2 or 3 depending on who you asked. Mick also came round after work and then the gym (nutter!) for a social and to get have a break from the girls back at his place. And because Avril and Peter had brought home chicken and chips after the caravan show we all ate that. Mick then left and to finish the day off we watched the end of Django Unchanged with the chocolate raisins and I caught up with a few more friends texts/ Facebooks as well as sending Roger, my brother back in England, a text because he was going for a very serious spine operation today. (my evening) All in all another great day here in Australia. 🙂


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