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Day 5 “Caravan Show” (Monday 11th March 2013)

Today was going to be a long day, we were all (Avril, Peter, me and 2 of Avril and Peters long term friends – Denise and Daryl) off to a caravan show bright and early. I even set an alarm and Skype’d Mum again because it was still Sunday night there (Mother’s Day) and with Mick round last night we had been cut short the first time. After that I put on my sun cream (just letting it soak in!) and prepared myself for a day in the high 30° heat looking at caravans in the hope Avril and Peter would buy one.

On the way into the Caravan Show

On the way into the Caravan Show

We left just after 8am and arrived about 9am to meet Denise and Daryl there and with my tourist hat on we entered the show. Words can’t describe how big it was and we looked around all day in the ever increasing hot weather! We had to stop a few times to eat or drink inside air conditioned rooms. (Including the VIP lounge of one of the caravan makes – Jayco, because Denise used to work with one of the managers in there previous jobs) it was during one of these stops, around 2pm that Denise checked the temperature and it was 37°, this means it was probably even warmer around 12/1pm and then I overhead an oz saying that the temperature reading are done in the shade and you could probably add about 10° for a direct sun estimate. This means that it could have quite easily hit 50° while walking around. (Including one time when we walked to the other end of the show which took about 15 minutes, only to discover they hadn’t brought any of the caravans Avril and Peter were looking at)

The show its self wasn’t actually too bad and I had a really nice time. Daryl and Denise are great and we had a laugh all day. And even though we looked at the Jayco’s early in the day I said to Daryl, “We’ll be back here before the days out.” And sure enough that’s where we finished up but Avril and Peter didn’t end up buying however Jayco gave them 2 free tickets to get back tomorrow. After walking round the show for a long while I become very tired but also somewhat of an expert in the type of caravan Avril and Peter wanted and made a few jokes about exhaustion, as well as helping eliminate caravans from the short list and offering my opinion on others. At one particular caravan that Avril and Peter were looking at (Nova – very pricey and as peter later found out, not the best build quality either), there was a separate demonstration stand for Webber-Q at barbecue manufacture and they were cooking roast lamb on one BBQ, steak on another and pizzas on the third, yes pizza on a barbecue. Daryl made a comment to the lady demonstrator about having pizza cooked like this, so she invited us to try it. We snuck away from the Nova caravan and round to the front of the display to try the pizza, it was brilliant and potentially the nicest base to a pizza I’ve ever had, Daryl agreed and bought the special stone (which heats up on the BBQ) and tray to put the pizza on to keeping it off the stone, so he could make himself them at home. When Daryl got it I said, “This will be the best thing bought today” which was another comment that turned out right because as I mentioned Avril and Peter didn’t end up buying a caravan. When the rest of the gang caught up to Daryl and I there saw the pizza and listened what we were saying about how good it was that Avril and Peter bought a stone and tray too.

After a long day of looking at caravans the show had drawn to a close for today but would still be open tomorrow for its final day (the show is 4 days in total each year) and Avril and Peter would be heading back because one day was quite enough for the rest of us! Dayrl and Denise invited us all round but after a long day we agreed to each go our separate ways, on our journey back home, we stopped in Diamond Creek to pick up some pizza ingredients as we all had that idea in our heads for dinner (though we didn’t end up using the stone today because it doesn’t fit more than one pizza and all 3 of us wanted to eat) and we also got a few treats like crisp (called potato chips here – damn Americans!) as well as a few of bags of sweets. (chocolate raisins, chocolate peanuts and chocolate M&M’s) When back home Peter prepared and cooked the pizza’s while I tried to set up watching a film from my tablet on to the big TV in the lounge, this was a huge kerfuffle and in the end I copied the film to Peters laptop and then connected that to the TV. (however there was no sound at first and just as we we’re giving up I tried connecting it again and we now had sound, random!) Finally we ate the pizza and began to watch Django Unchained with a snack of chocolate peanuts… the only problem was after such a long and exhausting day, I was struggling to keep my eyes open, so after missing bits here and there, the 3 of us decided to call it a night – half way through the film and pick it up tomorrow.

Is it just me or are my entries getting longer?! Well I hope they aren’t to boring and that you enjoy reading them. 🙂


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