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Day 4 “Adjusting” (Sunday 10th March 2013)

Today I woke up about 9am after an epic sleep, however I don’t feel too bad and wouldn’t say I had jet lag. The fact I conquered Saturday and then sleep right through meant I could adjust right away.

After waking up and playing around on my tablet while eating my toast, Avril decided to take me to Greensborough (the next big town around us) because there is a big shopping centre there and I wanted to see if I could get an Australia phone or sim for when I got my phone unlocked. The bad news is none of the phone shops we went into (three in total) would unlock my phone, however the good news is I got a $5 (£3 ish) sim card from the supermarket chain Aldi. It runs off part of the best network in Australia… Telstra. Plus it has cheap rates including texting and calling back home. (Now I just need my phone unlocked!)

While in this big shopping centre we also did a little bit of shopping including buying some rolls and I bought a chocolate cake for the evenings dinner. Finally on the way out I wanted to buy Avril an electric cigarette as I heard they worked well and I would love her to stop smoking. The only one we could find had no nicotine in but instead focuses on holding it like a real ciggi and then breathing and out fake smoke, only time will tell if that was a good $15 (£10 ish) investment.

Back home and we the rolls, which tasted so fresh… Crispy on the outside and doughy inside, amazing. Then adding the shaved Virginian ham, with mix leaf lettuce and cheese made it near perfect. In a few hours Mick (my English cousin – who’s been in oz for over 3 years now) and Hannah (a girl from back in England having a holiday out here) would be coming round for dinner, so I just chilled on my tablet and tried to send a few messages to friends and family back in the UK.

Chilling Outside

When Mick and Hannah came round we sat outside under the laser light (plastic perspex to you and me!) And had a socialised with a few drinks. Just before we sat down to eat I Skype’d Mum because it was now the early hours of mothers day back in the UK and I had hidden a card before I left. (which we opened brought a tear to mums eye) Finally for the day we had a lovely spaghetti bolognese that Avril had made (and she says she’s a bad cook but I fail to see why!) then Mick and Hannah headed back to home and if wasn’t long after that we hit the sack.

Sorry to waffle , I’m sure after a while these posts will become little sentences or maybe paragraphs. Hope your enjoying it so far. 🙂


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