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Day 3 continued “Landing in Australia” (Saturday 9th March 2013)

So I’ve made it… I’m in Australia and a picture is sent home of Avril collecting me from the airport. Within hours I have text messages, emails and Facebook notifications saying “glad you arrived safely” its odd to think that modern technology allows that message to travel round the world and it was so nice to receive so many kind words. So Avril and I head back to the car and begin to head to my new home… the only problem is I’m sleep deprived and I know I need to get though the day to avoid the jet lag! When we were arrive at Diamond Creek I’m greeted by Peter (Avril’s husband) who offers me a drink… I accepted but it had to be water because I’m not used to the heat! Although I want to make it clear I’m not moaning about the weather (yet! haha) but as it was about 37 degrees water is the only thing you want. Speaking of the weather, seeing the nearly clear blue skies is lovely especially after you’ve just landed because lets you know you’re abroad/ on holiday.

First day in Australia

First day in Australia

After a while of getting sorted (but still not unpacking) and checking out my new home, I decided to Skype home and see the parents, which was great to do because they could see I was happy and safe all the way on the other side of the world. Avril then offered to drive me to the shops, the roads seemed wider than back home and the drivers a little worse which gives you room to swerve I guess! But we made it to the shops and picked up some pies for lunch and a bottle or two of wine for Avril and Peter in the evening. After some food I was happy just relaxing on the sofa but had to be careful not to fall asleep or my body clock wouldn’t get used to the new time zone. I sent a few texts back home to keep my mind active. A little while later when it was just slightly starting to cool, Avril suggested we could go and look for some Kangaroo’s, so we jumped back in the car and quickly detoured to the supermarket for some wild bird seed and a few basics like bread and milk, (I have to say buying the shaved Virginian ham made me giggle not only because of the name but the fact Avril had to ask the pretty girl behind the counter) and headed down a dirt road to go looking for kangaroo’s. It was maybe still to warm for them because although I did see some they were all quite far away and hiding under trees for shade… however I had made it to Australia and seen my first Kangaroo, Amazing! I also so a few birds, horses (not wide unfortunately), SHEEP/GOAT and a colorful butterfly. All in all a great first exploration trip and it brought a massive beaming smile to my face. (Although to be fair I hadn’t stopped smiling since being here)

When we headed back to my new home I decided to just relax for the rest of the day the travelling had really taken it out of me but again keeping awake was the aim and looking out the window to remind myself I was in Australia was helping me achieve that. My first day in Oz had flown past and before I knew it it was about 9pm and I was starting to fall asleep on the sofa… bed time! And by now it was late enough to sleep and let my body adjust to the new time zone which is 11 hours ahead of the UK.

I managed to write and essay again, so I’m sorry if you find them boring, I doubt I’ll keep this word count up though! My next blog will pick the story up from the morning of the 10th March 2013. 🙂


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